Greetings Howard.

First let me offer you a sincere and heartfelt thanks for the life changing experience you provided when I visited in May. It was a truly beautiful time full of healing and insight and I feel a deep gratitude to you all for holding the space for me to journey in such a profound way.

When I respond to those who enquire “How was Peru?” I often begin with “It was my first ten out of ten life experience. Perfect in every way. There was nothing I would have changed, nothing that did not feel absolutely right. It was the single best thing I have ever done”

That feeling grows stronger inside me every day as the awe inspiring gifts of Ayahuasca continue to unfold.

Before I arrived in Peru I wrote in my introduction e-mail “I have the sensation I’m about to meet family that until now I’ve only heard about. It feels a little like going home” Well the truth is I did return home. Home to the jungle, to my family at Choque Chinquay, to my wise and loving Mother Ayahuasca and because of all these things, to my soul.

I want to acknowledge you Howard, for your beautiful spirit and for bringing into manifestation the magnificent creation that Choque Chinquay is. Words do little to convey the level of appreciation I feel.

The night of my first Ayahuasca ceremony you saw me sitting outside the Moloca and walked over to where I sat. Placing your hand on my shoulder you said “Thanks for being here Steve. You fit, everything about you fits. I’m glad you’re here brother” I appreciated those words immensely and felt encouraged to fully embrace the experience I was about to have.

Because of your vision, love for humanity and commitment to personal transformation you have brought me to a place of great healing. Thank you my friend. I will be eternally grateful for this gift.

I would also like to acknowledge Don Rober and Dona Eliana for conducting the Ayahuasca ceremonies with such purity and love. I understand their adherence to the sacred nature of their work is absolute and I felt their sincerity, open heartedness and love at all times.

While on Ayhuasca I had a profound knowing about Don Robers level of service to humanity and a great love for both him and Dona Eliana was born in that moment. Please express my heartfelt thanks to them both for their role in bringing me to the place I am now.

I would also like to acknowledge all of the Choque Chinquay support crew for the part they played in my healing.

The beautiful food provided nourishment and energy which gave me strength and allowed me to bring my best to each ceremony. During our boat trips on the river I always felt safe and cared for. My accommodation was charming and having the bed made and my room straightened each day created a haven for me to rest in. At night the soft glow of the lamps made moving through the sanctuary a safe and beautiful experience.

Most of all I appreciated the love and warmth displayed by everyone I came into contact with.

As far as the gifts I received from Mother Ayahuasca they are beyond anything I could have imagined. I won’t go into detail because I know you understand but I would like to share a few things with you.

The insights I received have not been limited to the ceremony. They continue to present themselves to me and are just as profound and beneficial to me as those I experienced in Peru.

I have a heightened clarity of mind.

My power to read people and situations has grown tenfold.

I’ve found the courage to act on a deepened intuition.

My need for knowledge is giving way to an increased level of knowing.

I am standing with real conviction for what I believe in.

My communication with others has more power.

I feel less attached to outcomes and the need to control.

I feel a new level of connection to humanity.

My compassion for others has increased significantly.

My level of self awareness is higher now than anything previously experienced.

The journey has become a lot more enjoyable.

Consequently things are really starting to flow and I feel empowered and on purpose. So thank you again Howard for all this and more;-)

I will definitely be coming back to see you within the next 9 months but exactly when that will be I am unable to say at this time. My plan is to begin building one BIG voice in October and this will be a three to four month task which will require my ongoing presence.

For now I will hold the intention to visit Choque Chinquay and wait for the right time to present itself. I’m sure it will come together perfectly when it does and of course I will keep you updated on my progress and plans. If you have any insights or feel anything significant with regards to my next visit please feel free to communicate it with me.

All the best Howard and once again thank you so much for what you have enabled.


Steve W.
New Zealand
May 2011

Dear Don Howard,

I trust all is well in your world.
Nearly a year since I last saw you on the Journey. I just want to let you know what a profound effect you and Don Rober have had on my life. When I first arrived I had succumb to the matrix and was living a lie, physically a mess, belligerently conforming. I had lost my mojo.

Although the last year have been challenging to say the least, I feel the constant connection with the teaching plants and have renewed strength and courage to face the world I am creating. My physical body has healed and become strong and life has become fascinating as I learn to integrate the downloads and widen my perspective. I have come across other ceremonies and teachers and feel most blessed to have such a wonderful foundation that you provided to allow me to see things how they really are.

Eternally grateful
Thank you once again Howard.
Andrew McCormick

Dearest Don Howard,

I hope that you and your beautiful family are well. I have been home for just a couple of days, and have not had the time to fully integrate all that has happened! However, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all that you have done for me, for your expertise, presence, perceptions, insights, patience…….and love. I am so grateful to you, Don Rober, Doña Eliana,and all of the amazing people that work with you, to provide support, encouragement and comfort.

I came home with NO help at all at any of the airports, an amazing experience in itself! No stick or wheelchair! I am making a conscious decision every day to choose health, to treat my body well (and have stopped smoking too!), to rest, drink water and eat properly…..and have started to reduce my medication very very slowly! I appreciated very much, the comments that you made regarding my issues with trust and control, and am trying very hard not to try at all! If that makes any sense!

Anyway, I simply want to express my immense gratitude for all that you do, and will be in touch in the future, as I intend to return…..of course!

With my love to you, and all at the sanctuary,
Gwynneth x x x x<brLondon, United Kingdom>
February, 2011

Dear Howard, My Brother,

Words can hardly express the transformation I have experienced since the Ayahuasca ceremonies at the SpiritQuest Sanctuary. Before I arrived there my life was in disarray, my mind cluttered with confusion. I was on overload and felt like everything was caving in around me. It was like I had no control.

But since completing the work there I am now able to see, think, and act more focused, more rationally, on nearly everything life seems to throw my way. I feel a more positive flow of energy all around me and I’ve seem to gained the ability to withstand quite a bit more of life’s “negativity” What happened to me was a very Spiritual and Mental life-changing event. It is something I would truly recommend to anyone who has ever felt the way I have.

Howard, my friend, I am privileged to have met you and to have gone through what I had there in Peru with your intellectual, passionate, and caring guidance. You are more than just a friend, you are like family.

And to Don Rober, Don Eliana, and all of the staff, my warmest thanks for making my experience so “Perfect” I will never forget you, as I am reminded of my journey by reflecting on all the strength you helped me to gain in my life. Peace and Love –

James P Gore

New Jersey, USA

September 2010

Hola Howard!

It’s been barely a week since I left the Amazon and I’m already missing the Sanctuary. I just wanted to let you know that my trip to Peru was the single most transformative, empowering and positive trip I’ve ever had. The lessons from Ayahuasca have resonated and stuck with me, and I no longer feel chronically depressed as I did before the trip.

By the way, I did a blood test a few days ago and my liver inflammation is at the lowest it’s ever been. I think its safe to say that ayahuasca had a part to play in that. Once again, thank you so much for everything. I will be back!

Best regards,
August Ayahuasca Odyssey, 2010

Don Howard,

The expression of the Divine through your conscious co-creation of SpiritQuest is a wondrous hallmark in the history of the human race on our dearest Pachamama.

The ongoing benefit being generated by each person, in every Ceremony, and on every Journey, is honored and recognized… You, Don Rober, Don Eleana, and Martin are brilliant beacons of Light, Shamans of the Highest Order, shining upon Infinity.

By the grace of Spirit, all who are called to work with the Sacred Plant Medicines of Peru, know you are privileged beyond conception. Mother Ayahuasca and Father Huachuma are Healers in the truest sense.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest Spiritual paths one can participate in in life, and SpiritQuest is a Balanced and Empowering vehicle for Healing and Transformation. It is complementary to all Wisdom Traditions that I am aware of, and provides a swift and enlightening integration of energies to usher one spiraling upwards towards Unification and Ascension.

May this be of benefit to all who read this. If I may be of service to answer any questions… All are welcome to communicate with me. Please request my email address from Don Howard.

My eternal Love, Blessings, and Gratitude are with you Hermanito Howard, now and forever.

~Jonathan Delaney ~
Tucson, Arizona
June-July, 2010

Dear Don Howard …

The words aren’t coming. What we have shared is truly beyond words or concepts of any kind. I have received so much from you and the Divine that flows through you. My heart is overflowing – and Life is now overflowing with effortless Love.

Great Heart blessings to you, your family, the Sanctuary, and all who come.

It has been (and will continue to be) a sublime privilege.

Dear Don Rober and Doña Eliana …

Thank you so much for your loving, healing presence and for the special healing for my thyroid and for my leg. I woke up the next day and the swelling was completely gone!

Mot of all I am grateful for your example of someone who integrates focused healing with unconditional love as I have never seen before. With a big warm loving hug …

Eneffably One,
Mark O., Honolulu, Hawaii
March, 2010

I am sure you understand that there is no way to put into words our deep gratitude for your graciousness, wisdom, skill, and generosity. I am not sure if the life-altering impact of spending time at the sanctuary is actually fully due to intentionality and the strength of the medicine. I credit a large part of it to your virtuoso ability to be a living channel for the vision of Chavin and your ability to teach others how to open their hearts. You are the best…

As you can imagine, re-entering our world has been challenging because so much of our lives, especially our professional lives, revolve around the constant use of the mind. It is shocking how little room there is for the heart and how easy it is to fall into old patterns. However, because we shared this experience we can help each other and I have written about 40 pages of text to date and I still have not finished. So we do have those resources, in addition to the inner ones.

At present, some of the issues we discussed in our initial consultation have shown signs of movement, and I am pleased about this. I look forward to continued evolution in these areas, now that I have new perspectives with which to view them.

Once again, thank you so much for the amazing time we experienced at the sanctuary… and for all you do.

With love and respect,
Gary and Jacqueline
Washington State, USA
October, 2009

II just wanted to say thanks for another great journey. I had a great deal of transformation take place and I feel very fortunate to have received such great help, love and compassion from you, Don Rober and the spirit realm.

I can’t say enough about my experience and the connections I made this trip around. I am changed forever!

I really love the group that came together on this journey too. You are a huge being with a big heart. I can see me coming back in July
for the Journey through Time and possibly bringing someone with me this next time around. I know who I am now….FINALLY! so it makes everything so much easier. Kind of goes with the territory I guess.

I wish you much happiness Howard and thanks again for all of your help, insights and understanding. There are no words for me to convey how I feel.

Beth T.,
St. Louis, Missouri USA
August, 2009

Howard, My friend,

It has been forever…well at least it seems forever now that my concept of time is amiss! 🙂 I wanted to deeply thank you for having me and allowing me to open to so much more in life and in this wonderful Universe. I had no idea what was going to happen if anything at all. I felt very confident that I was fairly clear of fears, defensive subconscious walls and so on. But as you know now, during that first ceremony, I was blown away!!! I could have never imagined that I was going to go so deep, in so much that I wanted to quit the next day and tuck tail on the next boat out! 🙂

But after leveling off, and coming into myself, learning of my deep fears and attachments, I now see what I was supposed to see. I couldn’t have done this in more or less than in the 5 ceremonies I was there for. At the time, I couldn’t imagine that the second ceremony could be any more extreme than the first, but as you observed, it was even more extreme. At least I knew then how it was all going to level off at some point, even though in my thinking during that ceremony, I was mentally beating myself up asking how anybody could do this to themselves again and again. 🙂

I feel as if this whole experience gave me 20 years of meditation in that 10 day time period. I am in deep gratitude for your guidance, and the guidance of your amazing staff. I am still growing and shifting from this experience and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart, which by the way, told me that we need to use our hearts moreanyway!

Be well.
At the Front in Afganistan
August, 2009

It has been just over 3 weeks since being home from Peru and as Howard says, “It is not all in the cup.” The changes and transformations in my life continue to unfold. The medicine brought me to a place where I was able to see myself more clearly. To see my dreams and full potential illuminated and at the same time, to see my own self-imposed limitations and the areas in my life where I am blocked and need to grow in order to fulfill them. I feel more alive, clear and present than ever before.

My old insecurities and anxieties are fading as my confidence and courage continue to expand. Yes! I have been potentiated and my life will thankfully never be the same again.

Thank you Don Rober, Thank you Howard! Your teachings are a true gift and your knowledge of the benevolent, wise teaching plants is impeccable!

Megan Braet
Boulder, Colorado
April, 2009

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the ayahuasca ceremonies. As much reading as I did to comprehend what I might experience was nothing like what I able to participate in with the ayahuasca spirit. My biggest concern that I wanted to see the spiritual side of ayahuasca but that I would be signing up with “shaman” who didn’t know about the ceremony or didn’t care how I would process my experiences. As this was my first time with the vine, I also didn’t want to crawling through the mud while trying to make sense of what I was seeing. I’m happy to report that Howard and Don Rober definitely know what they are doing in regard to the ayahuasca and huachuma ceremonies.

The accomodations are very comfortable and conducive to helping me process my “visions”. I liked how we gathered in a group to discuss our time in ceremony with each other.

I was able to see how individual the ayahuasca experience was to each person and was able to learn not only from my experience but theirs also. I saw colors, and shapes and a feeling of ascending during my first ceremony. I was greeted by Mother Ayahuasca and made to feel loved. I talked to lizards, snakes, spiders and jaguars and was shown a lot of things about myself and my family. I actually felt what it was like to be a snake and a jaguar in a very intense, vivid way. I was able to see myself in ways I had never seen myself before. In our last ceremony, I felt what a powerful being I am but that I had just stepped aside and not taken control of my life.

It’s been 2 months and I’m still processing my experiences. I met a lot of wonderful people in my group, some of whom I’m still in contact with. I have nothing but good things to say about the program Howard is running with the ayahuasca odyssey.

Bill Johnson
Middleton, Wisconsin
June, 2009

Stepping out of the baggage claim hall of the Iquitos airport, I squinted into the bright sunlight. I’d done this already a few minutes earlier, impatient to see Howard, but he was not yet there. Now I spot him right away. At least two heads taller than an average Peruvian, white hair and an inevitable green baseball hat with the white Choque Chinchay emblem embroidered on it. The Smiling Jaguar of the Stars, the symbol of what he is here for. In his own words, he just opens the door. The subsequent journey is for each one of us to make, for and by ourselves. This is what I did ten months ago, when I first came to Peru for a series of Serpent mesas in the Amazon jungle. This is when Howard first opened the door for me and let the Grand Maestro Huachuman, the gracious and wise spirit and consciousness of what we know in this world as the cactus, Trichocereus pachanoi, enter. And like any true Maestro, Huachuman, a servant himself, was there just to open the door – and to usher me into the unfathomable. When I came back home that time, I was like the character from Carlos Castaneda’s “Journey to Ixtlan”: Ixtlan, the place I knew and called my life, was no longer there. It was gone forever, and the only thing left for me was to continue on the journey.

I was back in Peru in July for Howard’s Journey Through Time (or Journey From Time, as he often calls it, emphasizing its timeless nature). More was revealed, and, soon upon my return, I found myself in an existential crisis, one of the many, which I could not bridge by doing my own homework of integration. Something inside me, on a very organic, visceral level, was craving for balance. I remembered Howard describing Ayahuasca as the medicine of the shamanic Lower World, the key to the universe within, whereas Huachuma is an Upper World medicine, opening the limitless reaches of the Universe outside one’s body. Ultimately, both plant Teachers are exactly the same while being totally opposite, as one fellow traveler noted. I found myself longing for Ayahuasca’s help. This is how I was back at Howard’s retreat in the Amazon in September. My very first encounter with Mamacita was nothing short of spectacular. It was the most intense welcome home to the Great Feminine: ecstatic, sublime, visceral, sensual, excruciating, unbearable, and infused with the most profound Love that permeated all of my being. I left the sanctuary with my heart as wide open as the whole Universe. The missing piece was returned to me: I am a WOMAN. Profoundly and deliciously woman. One with the Mother Earth, sweetly flowing with her cycles, her seasons, her ebb and flow.

Between then and now, late December, my life had given me more than a 360. I was still in the middle of this impromptu fouetté, stripped of any sense of poise and balance, knowing that I could not rely on any externals of my so-called personality, which were being further and further dispersed by the centrifugal force utterly out of my control. My life being a cupful of medicine in itself, I even considered canceling my trip to Peru, which I had planned many months in advance, in fact, when the foundation for the present cycle was laid. As confused as my mind was about my purpose of being here, I had a deep sense of allrightness about it. I was at the right place at the right time stepping into the glaring sun of Iquitos.

Feeling like I am six years old again, I run to Howard and we both laugh with child-like abandon as we scoop each other in a bear hug. That I have only known him less than a year is just a misconception brought about by this bothersome illusion of time and space. Of course, we’ve known each other a long time, from the very beginning, whenever that was. Even the amnesia brought about by our human state could not obscure the timeless recognition: My spirit brother and fellow warrior. At this time of returnings, many of us meet here, brothers and sisters through eternity, and Howard was the first one to greet me at the door, something that I will always treasure in my heart of hearts as a special honor.

There are twenty-two of us in this group, and we had exchanged greetings and introductions at various points of our flight to Iquitos. I feel the tingle of excitement as we all board the bus that will take us to Howard’s boats waiting on Rio Nanay. There is more to it than what’s in the cup, Howard likes to say about the medicine. I know that the journey had begun when we, a motley assortment of people from different parts of the world, looked into each other’s faces, travel-worn and jet-lagged as we were. We had already entered the metaphor, and the connections between us that had traveled under the surface unbeknownst to us, have now emerged into our apparent reality. We have been destined to be part of each other’s medicine.

Being at the Sanctuary is like coming home, even if it’s your first time here. But upon my subsequent returns, I absorb more of its evolving and unfolding nature. It is both a temple and a portal, a perfect manifestation of Howard’s service and mission, a receptacle and transformer of the rarefied energy of each traveler’s sacred quest. The place is charged with this collective intent, the alive, lucid, breathing stillness that is ever looking back at you. The selva cradles the Sanctuary, with its regal dome-like malocas and covered wooden walkways, in its leafy embrace, teeming with hidden movement and sound of many life forms intertwined in the ecstatic abandonment of existence.

The first two ceremonies appeared to be a seamless continuation of where I left off in September. I did not have any significant visions or realizations, and my state moved between the tranquility of deep meditation and the unsettled restlessness when every sound felt like a huge and unfair distraction. Most of the visual scenes involved me in some kind of internal processing, but they passed and changed so fleetingly that I had no chance of remembering any. Whenever my mind would try to search for the meaning of these visions, my internal ear would catch a very clear “Shut up!” And so I did. The curanderos ended each ceremony by making a complete circle around the maloca, stopping in front of every person. Don Rober would sing one his haunting icaros, and, depending on the person’s state and needs, they would sometimes perform healings. The first night, as soon as Don Rober started singing behind me, I felt my insides pulled and stirred. I was instantly ill and nauseous. I felt that I was going to vomit, but the sensation eventually subsided and, instead, I felt tears rising to my eyes. They were an outpouring of emotions, too raw to name or analyze. Eventually, all that was left was an overwhelming expanse of gratitude. After the tears subsided, I felt deep peace.

On the night of the third ceremony, I found myself falling apart. I had come to the Amazon with some poignant personal issues weighing down on me, and up to this point, I had been able to keep my intent on a separate and more exalted plane. That night though, I had no escape. I felt my heart chakra curling in on itself with pain. It was all too clear that I could not pull myself out of the hole, with only a couple of hours left before the ceremony, and a feeling of helpless panic was added to the devastating emptiness. It was my companions on the journey who reached out to me and saved the day. It was an immeasurable gift to have their quiet compassion, to feel their hearts joining with mine and easing my anguish. Several of us shared a prayer and a mapacho on the deck of the ceremonial maloca. There could not have been a better way to attune ourselves to the coming ceremony. We entered it as a group of people sharing a loving heart connection, which was palpable throughout the night.

This time, the medicine came as a wave of intense nausea and a feeling of cold electric waves. I saw translucent human heads zapped by lightning bolts of bright colors, and this quickly gave way to nauseatingly garish, cheap, cartoonish visions. They were unbearable in their clownish intensity, and to make matters worse, my awareness was submerged in this world, unable to extricate itself as a separate entity. There was a narrow horizontal slit of a window in the upper left corner of my field of vision, and at one point I saw the fair heads of young warriors riding off to war in the gray pre-dawn mist. For a moment, I could see every pore on the skin of their serene upturned faces, knowing well they would not come back, at least not as they were. My heart went out to them, but the moment passed before my eyes in its intense poignancy, and I was back to the squirming vulgar masquerade where not even feelings existed.

The energy shifted to my lower chakras until they were buzzing with an almost orgasmic intensity. Stripped of anything that could even remotely be called identity, I could not resist any of this, but there existed a visceral revulsion to what seemed like a blatant violation of my being. But who was me there? There wasn’t any. When I could not stand it any longer, I cried out: “I cannot take this! This is HELL!” Immediately, the scene shifted, and in a gray, decay-filled space, I heard a solemnly theatrical: “Welcome to the Purgatory!”. A swarm of squirming, mechanistic, brightly colored squeaking creatures resembling scorpions, bats, and goblins were all aiming for my womb. This shifted to darker scenes of tortures and atrocities. The stench of rotten flesh was so thick I could taste it in my mouth. “You have done that!”, I heard Ayahuasca saying in a booming voice. I saw blackness, slime, rotting bodies and skeletons falling into the black stinking abyss. “You have done that too!” These scenes went on forever, implacably endless, unfolding with the hopeless constancy of a metronome.

“Why am I here?”
“Because you asked for it”, came the answer.

Yes, I asked for it. And at that moment I knew, despite of the senseless horror of the scenes I was witnessing: I was grateful.
Dead bodies, piled up like logs, covered in mud and slime. Some of them are children. I feel that if I could reach out and recognize them as individual human beings, it would shift something, infuse this senseless world with a glimmer of humanness. But I don’t seem to have the body here, and my volition does not bring about any result.

I was still in Hell, when Don Rober started singing behind me. That he could recognize me as a human being, when in my own awareness, I was just a nameless collection of hellish creatures, filth, rocks, and slime, filled me with amazement, awe, and immense gratitude. I cannot remember how long it took, but some time after that, I started regaining my sense of self.

Even through the most intense stages of the experience, I was fully aware of, and connected to, everyone in the room. The compassion I felt for each of these brave souls was like nothing I felt ever before. I could see and feel everything that everyone was purging, with an overwhelming sense of loving oneness with them. There was a lot of pain and hurt being released, and at one point, with tears streaming down my face, I found myself repeating inside my head: “I am so sorry. Please forgive us. Please forgive us for what we had done to you”. I experienced the full acceptance of responsibility for everything that we as humans had ever done to each other, and with that came the depth of all-embracing compassion which I had not known until now.

As I gradually regained my capacity for rational thinking, I asked Mother Ayahuasca about her statement in Purgatory: that I had done all of that.

“You have lived a thousand lives”, was her reply. “Do you think there is any most vile atrocity you can imagine that you had not done to another?”

During the talking circle the next day, I had a revelation. I was listening to everyone’s accounts of their experiences and seeing that their personal questions and quandaries had been generously answered by Ayahuasca. I had never let my personal turmoils enter my intent with Teacher Plants. I was convinced it would be too selfish. These things would resolve themselves in the light of the bigger changes occurring within me. Wouldn’t they? Listening to my companions, I needed not question myself as to the purity of their intent. The understanding that I felt rising to the surface of my consciousness was: Personal is not an antonym of sacred. Could it be that my stoicism was a form of denial? Could it be that an energy loop that I call the martyr syndrome, which was dissipating from my outer circumstances, was still firmly lodged at the more sublime levels of my consciousness? I did not need to be convinced, looking at my fellow travelers, that their personal healing, physical and emotional, was as much a matter of priority to the Universe as their metaphysical mission of being here at this time in their respective roles. In fact, there was no distinction. Why would it be different for me? Whatever made me assume that my personal issues were un-sacred and unworthy? At that moment, something in me expanded, with a great sigh of relief, and for the rest of the day, my feet barely touched the ground. I was bathed in the warm glow of acceptance of myself and gratitude to my companions on the quest.

When I accepted my cup on the night of the next ceremony, I presented my personal mess to Mother Ayahuasca, in utter humility, and asked her for help. That night, I received personal teachings infused with the most exquisite, all-permeating love. At the end of the night, my doubts briefly surfaced.

“How does it all relate to my truth, mission, and service?”
I felt her regarding me incredulously and heard a distinct “Humph!” She still obliged me:
“But you know that already. All you need is trust your heart.”
I felt her regarding me, as if I were a rare and unlikely joke of a specimen. Then she volunteered:
“You people are stupid. You live in your heads like in beehives.”

In the last ceremony, I was prepared to face all of my worst fears, but Mamacita had different plans for me. She immersed me in deep tranquility, not unlike in the opening ceremony. By the end of the night, I caught myself dozing off. By then though, I knew enough not to bash myself for it and to trust the wisdom and love of my unfathomable guide.

As the cycle drew to a closing, I spared myself my usual drive to make summaries and draw conclusions. The teachings are not mental and not subject to categorization of any kind. I knew that they were rather the vibrational nuclei that had become part of my being. As what I know as “my life” keeps unfolding, I will witness the teachings through the quality of manifestation. Being at peace with my mind on that matter left me free to immerse myself in the deep sense of loving connectedness with my companions. I rejoiced in their victories and revelations, admired their courage. They had become part of me and I had become part of them. As solitary as each one’s journey is, there is nothing compared to the leap your heart makes, right out into the wide Universe, at the mere thought of your brothers and sisters, walking their paths valiantly. No matter how far we all end up from each other on Earth’s geography, the heart connection is always there and always instant.

Tanya Kiselyova
December, 2008

Hi friend, I thought it time to drop you a line. Since the moment I said goodbye at Iquitos airport and I boarded the synchronicity flight to who knows where, it’s been wonderful. My travels around Peru were just perfect to bed in a knew understanding and I’ve never felt more at home than when sitting on top of the mountain at Machu Picchu.

Thank you Howard for what you’re doing down there, I get goose bumps when I think of returning because I was so utterly disintegrated and reformed during that second ayahuasca ceremony and so exquisitely terrified by the process, that the feeling’s never left me.

Nevertheless, a part of me is still there, and I’m going to have to re-unite with it sometime.

Keep on rocking,

London/Cardiff, Wales
November, 2008

P.s. I’ll never forget your words when I opened my eyes at the Serpent Mesa on the third night – “friend, you just answered a calling”. Yes indeed.

What an amazing journey. The relaxed, loving and supportive atmosphere of the sanctuary provided the perfect setting for the deep transformative work I was seeking. From the moment our boat drew closer to the sanctuary, I knew I was stepping into something very special.

The staff’s tireless service (The food was delicious and the rooms were always well prepared), the awe inspiring Icaros by Don Rober and family, and your personal encouraging and uplifting guidance were just what I needed.

I’m incredibly grateful and happy to have met and experienced the loving, challenging, supportive, and courageous work you’re facilitating. With you as a model, as my body/mind/spirit continues to strengthen and open, I feel much more comfortable letting go and stepping into my new more Empowered and Loving Role.

This, in addition to the shared experience with the fellow travelers, made for a truly magical experience that will have long lasting and far reaching benefits.

Thank you one and all for the heart opening experience.

In deep gratitude,

David S.
Irvine, California
June, 2009

Dear Howard,

I want to thank you for the experience of the Ayahuasca Platinum Odyssey. Retuning to the “base camp” near Iquitos, I was struck by how good it felt to be home with family, you, your staff, and the other intrepid travellers. Don Rober was his “usual” impeccable self, guiding the journeys safely, even through his own adversity. (He was bitten by a poisonous snake, healed and conducted ceremonies that very night!). Platinum indeed.

I was healing from knee surgery, and so landed at the Hotel Howardo and became a hammock potato. The staff, Reyna and Pilar, took wonderful care of me, using a native plant and applying a poultice to my knee daily, to help the healing.

The four journeys were wonderful and challenging. I could not have done any more. Lots of insights and emotional healing. And a week later, I found a way to get right back into the Amazonian space here in Los Angeles, after a bit of a brutal crash back into the harsh reality of the criminal court system.

I learned many things. Among them, to better navigate with the plant, to “dominate” more (stand up with the plant) on journeys, gained greater intimacy and insight into my relationship, and a lot of work with the self and ego. Instead of getting rid of the ego or critic, I begin to see a glimmering of it’s function and purpose for being a neccesary part of the mix. To live and co-exist with in a positive way. Who knew?

I will see you again, brother.
Con mucho gusto and love to all,
Dan F., Criminal Attorney
Los Angeles, California

“I am not sure what I expected my second visit to your lodge to be like, but what a fantastic trip!

Getting to sit in ceremony with all the locals was a golden moment. And the chance in our discussions to get knowledgeable feedback from you on my odd collection of Iquitos-area experiences helped me get some closure on them as well as new understanding.

I feel so grateful for a magical week. And of course your medicine was just kick butt right across the galaxy. None of my other aya sessions (outside of your lodge) held a candle to what’s going on there.”

Alan M.

“Thank you so much for the incredible education I received, this was one of the most wonderful experiences that anyone could wish to have in this life. You are doing a great work in this world by bringing spiritual knowledge to those that seek. I am very blessed to have met you, Don Rober and your loving family. You have become my family. I will be back as soon as my intention brings me there, so I can continue to grow in my path.”

Eternally Grateful,
William Menech
Spring Hill, FL

“This has been my second SpiritQuest journey, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s been even more invigorating, more enlightening than the first. I believe the effects of these retreats are cumulative. I’ve never felt more aware of or in touch with my own personal center. I’ve never had such clarity of vision to see what really matters in this life. My faith in life and love, my belief in the fact that life is good, has been restored. Life is a blessing so profound it’s almost overwhelming to consider! I had forgotten this fact, lost sight of what life was meant to be. I had boiled life’s purpose down to a quantifiable measure. In short, I had reduced my life’s worth to dollars and cents, literally. That theory no longer applies. I think I’ve tasted true freedom for the first time, and man, how sweet it is!

I want to send a huge “Thank You!” to all who have contributed to SpiritQuest, but most importantly, to Howard. I think you’re offering a gift of truly phenomenal proportion.”

John Castelli
Brooklyn, New York

“Howard, your Ayahuasca Odyssey was one of the most profound and spiritually inspiring experiences of my life. The world-class curanderos, your warm and caring staff, and all the adventure and intrigue one could hope to find in the Amazon. A simple thank you hardly seems enough.”

Dan R., corporate executive
Lovingston, Virginia

“Howard, you and your staff have created a wonder filled and safe environment for spiritual exploration. It has definitely been a SpiritQuest for me and I have done four traditonal Vision Quests. How spectacular this program is for those who come in a good and sacred way. It has been an absolute blessing to work with curanderos of the magnitude of don Roberto, hermana Mari and yourself. Thank you so much for the Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge you so freely shared with all of us. The mark of a true master is someone who makes the difficult look almost effortless. We Love You Maestro.

P.S. Keep up the Great work for you will reap the blessings.”

David “Cougar” E., wood worker
Tryon, North Carolina

“Amazing how all I’ve been looking for has been found now within myself. Thank you for showing me how to see even with my eyes closed, and how to listen without my ears. The whole adventure could not have been more perfect, with the scenery, the loving people, and the music of nature. With all the love I have found within myself I give to you, Howard, your family, and your staff.”

Brandi B.
Austin, Texas

“The gift of a lifetime right here in the Amazon. Howard, you and your staff provide expert guidance and support for spiritual exploration. I received even more than expected in experiences during Odyssey 2003, and look forward to integrating all of it into my regular life. Thank you for being the guide.”

Joe M., wood worker
Crestone, Colorado

“Wow, what can I say. This is beyond words. Through you, Howard, and the beautiful staff, I felt very welcomed and taken care of. Thank you all for showing me what it means to live with an open heart. This was the most gentle, loving, and toughest experience I have ever had. You will always be in my heart. I love you and will miss you so much. To the beautiful rainforest and its people, thank you.”

With Love and Gratitude,

John Flynn
Chicago, Illinois

“Whew, what a time to say the least! The curanderos are truly remarkable individuals – I was safely and lovingly guided into spirit dimensions within and without – awestruck and terrorized beyond the imagination.

Your work with Huachuma left me breathless – infinite peace and love. Yourself, the curanderos, the staff, all are unbelievable people living unbelievable lives. So nice, so loving, so kind.

I will return!

Jim W., professional photographer
Austin, Texas

“Dear Howard,

It’s been two weeks since my return to “ordinary reality” from what was truly a profound and transformative pilgrimage to the Great Rio Amazonas, its rainforest, and the indescribable inner realms that were opened for me there by the plant medicines and the spirits of that
place. I admit I am surprised by the ease with which I have re-entered what I thought would seem like an inhospitable realm compared to the idyllic paradise where I spent the previous two weeks. In fact, what I find is that the blessings that came from the ceremonies you facilitated for our group have been integrated into my life in ways I had not been aware of, and that they now inform my experience subtly yet profoundly. In other words, a healing has truly taken place.

In my role as a medical doctor in charge of a busy hospital ward I find myself more than ever before responding to what colleagues and co-workers refer to as “problems” as opportunities to serve. My heart is more open to the people who come to me for help, and I feel I am better able to respond to their spiritual as well as physical needs. What was proclaimed in the icaros of the shamans who led our ceremonies is true: Ayahuasca is truly a great healer and doctor, and she continues to help me in my own healing work.

But I also give credit to the great love and wisdom with which our journeys were guided by you and the powerful shamans who came together in response to your call for ceremony. I must also acknowledge all of the beautiful people on your staff who served us with such open-hearted grace and generosity.

As someone with both scientific training and a calling to the path of spirit, I found great appreciation and respect for your own very strong foundations in both those areas. The combination of knowledge from your background as a naturalist, and wisdom from your experience with great plant and human teachers from the rainforest, brought dimension to my experience that I could not have envisioned, and for which I am profoundly grateful. It has been an honor to participate with you in sacred ceremony, and I plan to return for further learning and healing as soon as I can.”
With Gratitude, Respect and Love

David, M.D.
Santa Monica, California

“Mucho gracias to everyone! Wow I have been reborn here. Ayahuasca is the Fountain of Youth. Totally awesome. Everything on the SpiritQuest web site is true as gold. For all those thinking of coming here read carefully everything and follow all the recommendations. If you prepare properly you will be rewarded.

I have been blessed by God, seen and felt beauty beyond anything words can describe. Follow the diet, be true to your intent, have faith and you will experience the power and glory of Ayahuasca.

Everything about SpiritQuest is fantastic. The people here and friends I have met will forever be in my heart. The curanderos are wizards. I love you all and will miss my home here in paradise.

Thanks again and again Howard, all the wonderful cooks and helpers. You are doing a very special and sacred work here by helping human beings become truly sons and daughters of the Great Spirit. Keep up the great work here. Good luck with all your future goals and aspirations and God bless you all.”

Gary S., professional fireman
St. Petersburg, Florida

“The SpiritQuest exceeded all my expectations. It was a beautiful experience by day and by night. I truly came to appreciate these new worlds you so safely introduced me to. Thank you for all the care and thoughtfulness you put in our stay here in the Amazon paradise. I will carry this experience in my heart, my body, my soul and my mind. I look forward to visiting again in this reality and in the flight of my dreams.”

Keith H
Phoenix, Arizona

“I want you to know what a wonderful time I had with you, your family and friends in Iquitos. My first visit with you was great, but this time it felt like I was visiting old friends. I especially want to thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us, your family, your friends, your vast knowledge of the people and places of Amazonia but most of all I want to thank you for sharing your heart. I learned so much about what it means to be alive in this planet!

I am having a hard time integrating into the urban lifestyle again. I’ve found myself emotionally back in the jungle on several occasions. I find myself grieving for this country and the direction it is heading more deeply than ever before. Along with the grief there is anger. Anger that so few people can see through the veil of deception that our government and the power elite have foisted upon us.

Although it hurts, I want to thank you for sharing the medicine which brings this truth into such clear focus. It will help me to determine the steps I need to take to live the rest of my life.

I wish only the best to you and the continued success of SpiritQuest. You are truly doing God’s work.”
In Brotherhood,

Jim W., realtor (retired)
Chicago, Illinois

“My experience here will forever live for me in my heart. I leave fresh and new. The people here have opened their hearts to me and I feel as though I have come home. You are all truly my family. In the place where there is no time we will be together. It has been a privilege to be here. Howard, thank you for taking such good care of us…thank you for watching over us during the Ayahuasca nights. All Glory to Ayahuasca!”

Kathy H.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Your retreat is the home of angels. And the ayahuasca helps reveal the beauty yoiu have created. I can’t discriminate between the wonders of ayahuasca and the wonders of the Amazon experience you provide. Both have brought me closer to God and to myself and to my family. SpiritQuest is not simply the opportunity to open to the angels, it is the opportunity to open oneself to love.

My deep appreciatioin to you and all the SpiritQuest family. God has given you all a mission that you are fulfilling. Thank God for all of us.”

Jay L.
Rohovot, Israel

“Many many thanks for your bountiful kindness and generosity and courage. You have created a remarkable center for the advancement of the human spirit and the fundamental teaching of the interconnectedness of all beings – plant and animal. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the richness and depth of being here in the Amazon and for that I am grateful. I hope that I am able to offer myself to the world as fully and selflessly as you and those gathered around you are doing every day. Muchas gracias!”

With love,
James W., certified public accountant
Nashville, Tennessee

“Howard, Thank you for the SpiritQuest challenge and the opportunity of walking with you all on the shamanic path. Many thanks for your encouragement and support for deep healing and connection with the spirit of the selva.

Wild Spirit,
Werner B., pilot and navigator
Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thanks for the introduction to the Amazon culture, Ayahuasca, the curanderos, the jungle and the San Pedro cactus. I felt like home in the environment that was created; such a safe place to explore the medicine of Ayahuasca and Huachuma. It was also a treat to have your family with us at the retreat. Such a great blessing. As you know, the words cannot describe the experience. I can only say that I did find a silence.”

Chris C.
San Diego, California

Spiritquest is a begging for me , the beginning of an endless exploration of the self and other, I have learnt the lesson of a true warrior , the one who dares to dream their own awakening, the one who cannot fear the death of what is not real and what is real grows infinitely
I have searched all my life for a glimpse of a truth only to find it deep within myself whether it is healing or love and to surrender to one’s higher purpose and destiny. This would not have been possible without all the wonderful people I met in the amazon, the shamans and you Howard have been truly inspiring and I would say thank you and that my experience in the amazon has surpassed my expectations . I look forward to my next visit with all of you .

all the best,
Lilian H., professional photographer
New York City, New York

“To come from a privileged lifestyle in California to the Amazon jungle is somewhat of a shock. This was worth it! Thank you for all your love and kindness.”

Fred K., corporate executive (retired)
Rancho Mirage, California

“How-aird, No need to know Spanish here. You quickly learn to stop listening with your ears and start listening with your heart, where all creatures from the graceful butterfly to the mighty caiman have an icaro to teach you. And Ayahuasca is a good friend who heaps praise upon you when you’ve scaled a tall mountain, but who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. This place is magic and the people here are pure spirit. Thank you.

Oliver M.
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

“To dearest Howard and of the beautiful BEAUTIFUL people here – OH MY GOD!!!!!! Everything about my experiences here has been love-filled, healing, nurturing, building, strengthening, enriching and soooo enlivening, and I thank you all with all of my heart. I too will be carrying you all with me wherever I go, with such gladness in my heart and lightness in my step.

Lots and lots of LOVE,
Susan P., teacher
Melbourne, Australia

“Hermano Howard,

Muchas gracias! Many thanks for sharing your paradise with us. And many thanks also for the keys to “The Library”! Such a wonderful time we had here. Peace. Serenity. Challenges. Many insights. Andy many new friendships. Your integrity, love, support, wisdom and generosity are much appreciated and we look forward to the next visit here. Thanks also to all the wonderful staff. Its hard to say good bye.

Lots of love always,
David S., college president
Melbourne, Australia

“A HUGE embrace goes out to all at SpiritQuest! Howard … thank you for introducing me to Madre Ayahuasca, thank you for offering a magical, spiritual place to meet her. Thank you for the ceremonial mesa, the library, and the walks in the selva. Thank you for listening and hearing. Luis … our unofficial guide in training – thank you for keeping it light and hanging with us. Pilar … my guiding angel in the dark – thank you for a hand to hold. Hermana Mari … my grandmother healer – thank you for your good spirit icaros … you voice will be with me always. Thank you for the blessings … and finally, thank you Madre Ayahuasca … my family, my guide, you and I have much to talk about.

Beverly C., teacher
Kwethluk, Alaska

“Thank you mother Ayahuasca and brother mushroom for showing me what my eyes are too blind to see. Thank you Howard and everyone for making it possible. The spirits of the Forest will always be with me. I’ve been blessed.

Ron K., teacher
Kwethluk, Alaska

“Howard and all the Beautiful SpiritQuest Team, One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Looking forward to my next step with you all in my heart. Thank you for the time, love, compassion and protection.”

All my love,
Katrina R., student
Melbourne, Australia

“Muchas gracias Howard and all team, for a magical and life changing experience, opening the door to wonderful new beginning … warm, caring people, fabulosa food and beautiful surrounds.”

Michelle C., student
Melbourne, Australia

“Howard, Thanks for setting everything up. Never would have been able to experience the sacred valley and the Amazon the way that I did with your help. Your work is sincere and I will leave feeling that I have made a few special friends and have learned as much as possible in the few weeks we have spent together. I will look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Tu hermano,
Karl S., student
Honolulu, Hawaii

“Howard, thank you for a fantastic spiritual journey. It was an adventure, a color tour, a soulful overhaul, and, yes, a vacation! You and the people you have brought into contact with me are special people. Again, thank you. I will carry this experience with me forever.”

Giuseppe M.
Detroil, Michigan

“This was the greatest adventure I have ever had. The jungle is beautiful and the people even more so. I will keep this experience with me always, remembering the great walks and the boat rides! It is a truly spiritual excursion and we in good and caring hands with Howard and the curanderos uncovering the path for us all.”

Jennifer C.
Detroit, Michigan

“You have opened your hearts and given us your love many fold. I feel that I have another familia here in Peru. you all have made this such an enriching week that when I think of my home I will think of all of you. Peru and the Amazonia is my home. She has been calling me for so long and I am ready to answer her call. My spirit soars like the Condor and my heart is so full of love. I will forever have you in my heart and soul. And I will be back, for Peru will call me again to deepen my relationship with the magic of the rainforest and the people of Peru. I Love You All.”

Many blessings in the Heart Light,
Rosemary F.
San Diego, California

“I have found community and a new family. I have touched the stars tht guide all of us. I have reached my potential to be in this world as was meant to be. There are no words to express my gratitude for sharing the secrets of the jungle. I am in the truest sense deeply grateful eternally. To SpiritQuest, you are LOVE.”

Starshine and moonbeans
Health and Harmony,
Gini P.
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Muchas gracias para todo. You are doing very important work in an arena that takes much courage. There is a growing insanity on the planet in the way humans are interacting with the land, the critters, each other, and the other dimensions. You are providing a rare and precious opportunity for a most fortunate number of us to experience deeply, all the way inside to the cellular level, a window of understanding that can support a force for positive change. Many blessings to you, that you maintain the vision, integrity, and passion necessary to continue this work for many years to come.”

Much love,
Joel S.
Vancouver, B.C.
(happy to be a reference anytime!)

“Thanks to your organizational skills, loving care, and devotion to your spiritual path, the experience far exceeded our expectations. I can’t imagine that there is any other “ayahuasca tour” that can compare to what you have to offer in terms of genuineness and integrity. We are truly grateful that synchronistic influences aligned us and brought us together.”

Fellow Traveler,
Ron S., health care professional
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“SpiritQuest has had a profound impact on my life. Prior to my first ceremony, I was skeptical that I would experience any long term effects from the ayahuasca. Despite reassurances, I was doubtful. It didn’t take long to realize that the ayahuasca is indeed incredibly powerful, and the curanderos are truly gifted individuals.

I feel as though a great weight has been lifted, that the clouds that once enveloped me and obscured my vision have been blown away. I can now see my path. Incredibly, the effects of the ayahuasca do not diminish with the passing of time; on the contrary, they seem only to intensify.

Thank you, Howard, and all at SpiritQuest, for allowing me to see the possibilities, although these words seem hardly adequate to express my appreciation. Life is beautiful!”

John C., City Services
Brooklyn, New York

“Ah, words! To describe what I feel, the morning after my 3rd session w/ Mother Ayahuasca, I recall words of others before me: “If the doors of perceptions are cleansed, we see things as theyr truly are – infinite.”

I feel infinity. I feel infused with Spiritual Energy. I feel gratitude for the Medicine, for God, Father Mother from above. And to Jesus de Cristo. And I am so amazed at the Power and Glory of Hermana Mari and don Roberto. Spirit has led me here to work with two of the most integrous, unadulturated shamanic healers still practicing and healing in the Peruvian Amazon. I am blessed with such Master Teachers …

Howard, my thanks to you for being the hub around which the SpiritQuest wheel revolves. You are light embodied … The others who have surrounded me during this intense time of healing – Luis, Daniel, Pilar, Reyna, Howardcito and little Selva – each of you are my angels. Each of you played a significant role in my transformation. I bow deeply to you all.

I bow deeply to Spirit. I see.
All Good Medicine,
Sheri M., Massage Therapist
Vida, Oregon

“Such a gracious, loving space here! I feel overwhelmed by the flow of understanding, acceptance, and great kindness.

Thank you, Howard, for your integrity and guiding the way.

Thank you, Hermana Mari, for your all-embracing compassion and the joy of being covered in flowers.

Thank you Hermano don Roberto, for showing an example of deep kindness and gentleness, and a wonderful healing. You both are pure channels for the Great Spirit…

Robyn S.
Vancouver, B.C.

“Thank you so much for the experience. Going into it, I hoped to get insight on shamanic customs and learn about the flow of life in ways similar to what I have been doing over my course of study in college. I never expected to have such a life-altering experience, to come face to face with the Divine. I thank you a million times for opening my eyes to that other dimension. I owe everthing to your guidance and help and comfort.

Everyone here has been sweet and generous, and I feel right at home – I don’t want to leave! I feel privileged to have worked with hermana Mari and don Roberto. They are truly incredible individuals with an amazing gift. Gracias to all the staff and to you Howard for running this great program.

You guys have been my family for the past two weeks, and will surely remember this experience forever. Thank you!”

Anna S., university student majoring in religion
Washington, D.C.

“Ferried up the river in a flat bottom boat, I had the feeling of arriving close to the middle of nowhere, but after awhile I began to develop the sense of living in a jungle neighborhood – occasional drum beats beyond the trees were played by people we had met. Our hikes through different types of jungle broadened my sense of place and I had the feeling that with just a little more time I would have really gotten to know some of our local indigenous neighbors.

Upon return to Los Angeles, I realized for the first time that LA really did spring from a desert. The jungle is so intense, so alive, it grows before one’s very eyes. So much to learn – it was awe inspiring! On land I was slowed by the humidity to the speed of a three toed sloth. (What fun to have the opportunity to hold a baby one – so strong in its slow suspension.) In the river I felt as free as a pink river dolphin, playing and escaping biting insects. So many teacher plants and allies! Such power and so much love. So much wisdom in the plants and their dedicated intermediaries, our shaman healers. And more love. A great challenge, but also the Mother’s womb, warm, providing all that is needed. Full of wonder. I didn’t want to leave.

The most notable changes I’ve observed since returning home are that my abilities as a healer have improved. I can do more work in a single shamanic journey and the results are more profound. My craniosacral therapy work has deepened as well. I’m more finely tuned.

To you Howard and hermana Mari, don Danielo, don Romulo, don Wenester, don Luis and to all of your wonderful support staff I send my deepest gratitude and love.

Blessings and love,”
Laura W., craniosacral therapist
Santa Monica, California

“We are slowly adjusting to our ordinary lives. Our stay may have been short, but it affected us profoundly. Our friends and relatives are most interested and we stress the love and caring we experienced. It really was like therapy. I cherish the connection we made.”

Jo Anne, registered nurse, retired
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Thank you for every minute of our stay. You treated us so well, befriended us and invited us on an unexpected trip I will never regret or forget. Thank you Howard for these special moments. You are a special guy with a very special mission – may your work continue to enhance the lives of many to come. Please receive my thanks and best wishes always to you and all of yours.

Lindsay D.
Guadalajara, Mexico

“Thank you for putting so much effort into making my stay a wonderful experience. Special thanks to Howard for generously imparting his experience and knowledge of shamanism and for being there for me when I needed support. These four weeks have been a life changing experience that gives meaning to my one year holiday.”

Margaret B.
Sydney, Australia

“Thank you so much for your always being there when needed and not needed. You have made this a transformative experience, one I will never forget and hold deeply in my heart. Howard and his perceptions are priceless.

I came for a physical, spiritual healing and most certainly obtained them, beyond my expectations. I could go on and on, however it is suffice to say that innocence and paradise is alive and well and you can drink from those waters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Arturo B.
San Francisco, California

“I came for a SpiritQuest. I got that and much more. you have each been a blessing in so many ways. Much thanks for all your efforts to make this a wonderful experience. May your lives be filled with love, and happiness.

Phyllis I.
Nashville, Tennessee

“The spirit of the love in your home and land shines a bright light of hope for the family of humanity. I wished I spoke your language. Now I know I do in your true language of love for life. In your creating a safe happy place for people to connect with Spirit in the highest sense you have demonstrated that ou are among the highest people birthing a new humanity and birthing the planet of love. You will always be with me in the most powerful way so we are birthing a world of compassion and love.”

David H., Mandala Society
Del Mar, California

“Thank you so very much for guiding me through the Amazon jungle. Thank so very much for guiding me through the jungle of my soul. You took me into your life and family and brought me great happiness and peace. You’ve shown me a beautiful land and a beautiful people. you have my deepest appreciation and all of my love. Best wishes and may the Great Spirit bring you riches and happiness as you have brought me.”

Thomas M., attorney
San Francisco, California

“Thank you for providing the perfect setting for ayahuasca initiation and work. The curanderos and staff were wonderful and took excellent care to see that we were not wanting for anything. I am very interested in coming again and again. I will let others know about SpiritQuest.”

Cynthia S.
Louisville, Colorado

“I spent an incredible two weeks at your retreat and would like you to know how much I appreciated your warm hospitality, friendly staff, delicious food, and other facilities. My experience here was rich and beneficial, and I am very grateful to everyone.”

Troy G.
Prague, Czech Republic

“The planet and all of us humans benefit by what you and the staff are doing here. Simple living, open hearts, unbelievable generosity and the desire to share the spiritual wealth of the jungle are gifts to us all. You remind us, by example, that there are other ways to be in this world, in the almost 21st century. THIS IS IMPORTANT WORK. May you and all you are building here prosper and fulfill its potential.”

Much, much love,
John S., environmental consultant
Nashville, Tennessee
(2nd trip aqui)

“I didn’t quite know what to expect when I came down, but it has certainly exceeded my highest expectations! I will be back, hopefully soon. Thanks so much for making us a part of your family. See you soon.

Dave S., motion picture industry
Glendale, California

“Words can never express the deep gratitude tht I feel for what you have all given me. It has been a truly cathartic experience. (I hope) I will never be the same again. Thanks for taking care of us!”

Steve J., motion picture industry
Burbank, California

It’s hard to put the feelings I have (and the smile that goes along with them) onto paper here. But, I would just like to give deepest and most sincere thanks to you all. You made me feel at home here, as you say, “parte de la familia.” My experiences I have had here will undoubtedly help me grow as a person for a long time after my departure. This trip and the friendships I have developed will last forever. i am excited to see what direction my “cleansed soul and attitude” will take me. I am confident it will always lead me down the correct path and ultimately back home here at the retreat someday soon.

Otra vez, muchas gracias y adios. Ustedes estan en mi mente y corazon para siempre!”

Robbie E., medical student
Cameron, Illinois

“Thank you so much for your infinite love and support. I feel that I have a second family hidden in the heart of the Amazon. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. This was an eye-opening experience which I will never forget. You are all such beautiful people and the world is brighter with you in it.”

Love always,
Tiffany T., student
Calabasas, California

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time over the past two weeks. Your hospitality and facilities compliment the program nicely and make staying here very comfortable. Compliments also to the cook and the others whose food preparations were excellent. Thank you for a memorable, enjoyable, and educational experience!”

Steve P. , non-profit environmental CEO
Tucson, Arizona

“This was my second visit and it gets better every time. Your sincere interest and hospitality are truly special. Your knowledgeable and helpful staff also make this a special experience. I would recommend SpiritQuest highly to others who want the Amazon experience. May you have a long and prosperous enterprise here. I leave with love in my heart.”

Edward T., realtor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“You guys are very special, and it is wonderful to share experience with such good hearts. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, potent ceremony, cultural intercourse not to mention great food and comfortable lodging. This week, this place has felt like home. Thank you for doing this good work.”

Best to you in these endeavors,
Mark D., realtor
Nashville, Tennessee

“For this Sacred Time and Space, I am Thankful…
For the Peace and Safety Here, I am Grateful…
For my new Hermanas y Hermanos, I Rejoice”

John W., senior solutions architect
Chicago, Illinois

“I am fortunate and grateful to have spent time at your retreat. It is a beautiful place but even more the people and the mission are exciting and very special. Good luck with your important work. God bless you.”

Marshall S., rancher
Prescott Valley, Arizona

“I came to the Amazon from the jungle that is London via the mountains of Quechuan Peru, a journey of many miles in distance that sometimes seems even further in culture and spirit. Here I found not what I thought I was looking for – that changed almost day by day. Instead, I felt a real sense of fellowship and friendship, of family and commonality. To everyone who looked after us so well, I offer many, deepfelt thanks. I will hold a place for all of you in my heart, look forward to seeing you all again, and hope that others will get hope and fulfillment from their visits here. To those future visitors, I offer the observation that the ayahuasca experience can be both difficult and challenging, but the comradeships that are forged through it are valuable indeed. I almost departed after my first ceremony. Yet I am glad to have shared so much here and look forward to even more to come. The path of life has many turnings. Hasta la vista!”

Steve P. , journalist
London, England

“This week has been unlike any other in my life. I am aware that something has been initiated, and I know that there will be beneficial repercussions, hopefully for a long time to come. I’ve discovered that language is no barrier when people have such a naturally deep fund of warmth and concern for others. From the first moment of my stay here, I felt completely relaxed and welcome. It takes a little while to adjust to such open people, but the complete lack of any kind of judgement and discomfort provides the most fertile ground for the cultivation which comes through the week. I would simply like to say to everyone here – thank you and love to you all.”

Nigel C., Atlantic cruiseliner services
London, England

“It is hard to find the words to express the magnitude of my feelings. Everyone associated with this grand undertaking are giving the gift of love and hope and life to those fortunate enough to share them. I will carry the SpiritQuest in my heart and mind and soul forever. I will always be grateful.”

Barbara L., attorney and writer

New York City

“To be surrounded by Spirit and love is truly a gift of the gods. My heart is filled with gratitude for everything. I truly believe that we are in the heart of God. Thank you.”

“This has been a grand experience! I cn’t wait to apply my insights to life. I’ll keep you posted on the effects it has on me in the future. Enjoy life and all it has to offer.”

Jill P., graduate student
Seattle, Washington

“My deepest thanks for helping provide such a meaningful experience to my life. Your home and country are the most peaceful I have been around. This last week has likely changed my life for the better and I will keep SpiritQuest alive in my heart forever. Love and Light to you and all your friends.”

Mike P., computer specialist and U.S. Marine veteran
Houston, Texas

“My life has changed. I will go forward with all of the wonderful things I have learned. My thanks to everyone.”

Elaine E.
Alberta, Canada

“Your hospitality, patiene and kindness permeate the entire retreat. It is with great appreciation tht we have enjoyed the peace and tranquility here in the Amazon. With reverence…Shanti Shanti Shanti…

“Some things Howard forgot to tell you but you need to know…”

John A., consultant
Las Vegas, Nevada

“I appreciate your gentleness, kind graciousness and friendly smiling manner. I had an extraordinary SpiritQuest. It was a profound experience. I’m coming back soon.”

Victoria A., professional movie critic
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Thank you all so much for your effortless creation of a loving community. The visions of you playing volleyball in the rain and fishing warm my heart along with the visions of ayahuasca. you are all an inspiration in your perfect combination of power and love. Thanks for taking such good care of me, bgoth physically and spiritually, and thank you all for your senses of humor. I’ll never forget any of you.”

Rachel L., CPA
Seattle, Washington

“Your smiles and laughter will continue to bring me happiness long after I return Pennsylvania. This has been an immensely valuable and truly magical experience due in no small way to you and the incredible staff. Ayahuasca has brought me revelations and healing on many levels but it has also brought me here to further understand love and family. May the winds bring me back to this place soon, and may you all keep those beautiful smiles on your faces. Muchas gracias y amor.

Benjamin C., university student
College Station, Pennsylvania

“I never expected to experience such beauty in terms of genuine kindness, hospitality, and good will; however you and your family incessantly radiated these gifts of love from the moment of my arrival. I am grateful for all you’ve so generously graced me with. Words cannot adequately describe my reasons for coming here, nor could they possible define the grand nature of my experience. That being said, know that I have locked all this into my THOUGHT-FEELING, and have hopes of seeing you again!”

Tom B., professional dancer
Memphis, Tennessee

“To all of those at SpiritQuest & beyond…my heart goes to you! Thanks for the ‘new’ me & the support of getting here…You showed me true love (compassion).

Jada D., masseuse
San Francisco, California

“Muchas, muchas, muchas gracias.”

Jody M.
San Francisco, California

“Due to circumstances beyond my control…I will be back!”

Ken R., construction contractor
San Francisco, California

“Que l’amour vous accompagne. Tous et toujonis”

Denis C., psychotherapist
Lausanne, Switzerland

“This has been an incredibly challenging and beautiful two weeks. Your patience and kindness are greatly appreciated and made the transition from modern mind to natural mind so much more graceful for me… The world is truly blessed by you as I have been. The curanderos are such fantastic people – doña Mari & don Romulo are incredibly gentle, wise & knowledgeable people. It is my hope and prayer tht this safe haven for deep work continues to bless us all in it’s continued existence.”

Angie J.-S., graduate student
Prescott, Arizona

“Well, what can I say? Everybody here has been wonderful and I’ve felt so comfortable and welcome and at home. My spirit has been opened up to a lot of things and my eyes have been drunk on the gorgeousness of Peru. I’ve learned a lot here, patience and calm and strength. It’s so good of you to provide this opportunity for people to come out here and have some very real and profound experiences that would otherwise be impossible. What else can I say? I had a wonderful time, despite all the extended purging! But I’m over that now and I’m tougher, physically and spiritually. Thanks thanks thanks for the guidance and the wisdom…

Sarah I., artist
Gulfport, Florida

“Whew! It is a new day in a new world, and I am more than I once was. I have learned that you have as much power as you have humility and courage. Thanks so much for helping me to see that. As always, we are One…”

Michael K., graduate student in anthropology
Los Angeles, California

“Thanks very much for taking such a good care of me here… Huachuma helped me to the experience of my life so far and I hope to be able to continue this work with old and new friends.”

Kati S.
Finland by way of London, England

“The experience of a life time awaits others through the people that surround SpiritQuest. You come as yourself and you are reborn. The people are friendly and insightful. I have learned that material possessions are not all that there is to life and its your soul that makes you happy. I am forever changed. For all those tht follow me hang on, its a hell of a ride.”

Jove F., apprentice cook
Valdez, Alaska