2019 Calendar of Events


Choque Chinchay Journeys E.I.R.L 



“blending the ancient sacred plant technology of the Amazon and Andes

into a Whole greater than the sum of the parts”



Extraordinary Shamanic Spiritual and Healing Retreats

Dedicated to Holistic Healing and Higher Consciousness

founded in Peru by don Choque Chinchay in 1995


licensed in Perú

“authentic traditional Peruvian sacred plant shamanism for sincere seekers of healing, truth, and higher consciousness”

 We are pleased to announce

that our SpiritQuest Listening to the Sacred Plants shamanic retreats

will resume in February under the expert guidance and facilitation of Mr. Parker Sherry  


Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants

~ 8 days/nights with six ceremonies ~

four deeply cleansing and healing ayahuasca ceremonies, a heart-opening bobinsana dream ceremony, and an inspiring mapacho sacred tobacco ceremony for focus and intention, all guided by the acclaimed SpiritQuest shamanic faculty


FEBRUARY – Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants
• February 2-10, 2019
• February 16-24, 2019

MARCH – Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants
• March 9-17, 2019
• March 23-31, 2019

APRIL – Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants
• April 6-14, 2019
• April 20-28, 2019

MAY – Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants
• May 4-12, 2019
• May 18-26, 2019

JUNE-DECEMBER 2019: To Be Announced

The renowned Huachuma Mesada Initiation of the Three Shamanic Worlds will resume soon with extraordinary traditional huachuma mesada ceremonies conducted by Srta. Selva Reyna Lawler Villacorta and Parker Sherry.

  Please send all information inquiries and application requests to:

SpiritQuest Facilitator Parker Sherry at sq.sanctuary@gmail.com

We look forward to having you in our circle in 2019!

Para El Bien de Todos Hermanos!

don Howard 


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