Plant Dietas


Plant Dietas

at SpiritQuest Sanctuary

We extend the opportunity to undertake a genuine guided vegetalista plant dieta following Ayahuasca SpiritQuest shamanic healing and higher consciousness retreats. Pre-requisites
The dietas are necessarily preceded by a cycle of work with Ayahuasca to cleanse and open the senses and heart consciousness in preparation of the body, mind, and spirit for the communion with the spirit of the dieted plant. Sincere intention, strong personal discipline, concentration, and patience are primary requirements of the plant apprentice.

One should not underestimate the rigors of the authentic vegetalista dieta. It is not easy.

Nor should one underestimate the wonders of new dimensions of consciousness which may be attained through diligent achievement of a dieta.

Statement of Intention

We practice and teach only curanderismo, the shamanic art of healing in the Amazonian-Andean modalities. Our work is dedicated to the holistic healing and spiritual enlightenment of all humanity. We do not teach or practice brujeria, the art of sorcery. nor do we conduct dietas with ‘plantas brujas’ … sorcerer’s plants such as toé, catawah, lupuna colorado, capirona or others. We diet pura medicina.

The Dietary Regimen

The genuine traditional vegetalista dieta is a strict dietary regimen of abstinence from salt, sugar, oils, sexual activity, soap, shampoo or any other artificial substance.

You will abstain salt, refined sugar, alcohol (except when administered as an extraction agent for a plant medicine), pork, red meat, animal fats, saturated oils, and hot spices from three days before until three days after the end of the dieta. Pork should be avoided for at least two weeks before and after work with Ayahuasca.

The vegetalista dieta is intentionally very bland and consists mainly of boiled or grilled fish, boiled yuca, boiled plantains, quinoa, heart of palm, hard-boiled eggs, water, and sometimes limonada. Other foods may be included by the maestro at his discretion.

Abstinence from sexual activity, including masturbation, is required from three days before to three days after the dieta ends. This is an important aspect of the dieta. Sexual abstinence conserves essential energy and focuses mental and spiritual energy in more profound realms (see

The vegetalista dieta is a silent retreat requiring strict isolation from social contact and conversation except during the daily icaro and personal healing session with don Rober and doña Eliana.

The dieted plant is taken daily or every other day as prescribed by the maestros.

If undertaken with diligence and discipline, the initiate may achieve communion, a connection of consciousness, with the spirit of the plant to learn the nature and applications of it’s medicine.

SpiritQuest dietas are conducted in the pure old-fashioned jungle tradition of classical vegetalismo in the Lamista tradition. The dieta is a rigorous and sometimes challenging exercise in personal discipline, focus, dedication, and strength of intention. The dieta is an ‘honor-system” practice in which one receives from it what one puts into it.

Plants recommended for initiatory dieta include Bobinsana, Ajo Sacha, Camalonga, Chiric Sanango, and Guayusa. Each has unique and distinctive medicine and healer-teacher spirit qualities which are progressively revealed during the course of the dieta.

Numerous other medicinal plants can also be dieted for specific healing properties based on one’s individual health condition. Some of these include chuchuhuasi, chullachaqui caspi, ayahuma, ishpingo caspi, motelo sanango, and catahua.


The typical duration of plant dietas at the Sanctuary is one to three weeks. Longer dietas may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. During an extended dieta one may diet different plants consecutively but not concurrently, with a minimum of one week for each plant.

Traditional plant dietas are challenging for most people. They require dedication, self-discipline, concentration, and an open mind and heart. The food is ample but intentionally bland and narrow in variety. This serves to heighten subtle sensitivity to enable one to engage the consciousness of the plant.

Dietas are conducted only following Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants or Huachuma Mesada Initiation shamanic healing retreats.

We will safely escort you into the timeless world of traditional Peruvian sacred plant shamanism. You will have the opportunity to learn about the true nature and functions of archaic core shamanism and realize remarkable personal benefitsif you come well prepared and willing to set aside conventional western paradygms for a while and engage new ways of perceiving the worlds within and around you.