Ayahuasca SpiritQuest

Listening To The Plants

Illuminating workshop retreats exploring traditional

shamanic ayahuasca healing practices and multi-disciplinary entheobotany

in the rainforests of Amazonian Perú

“A superb opportunity to safely encounter genuine grassroots Amazonian shamanism
at it’s core”

expertly facilitated by Choque Chinchay Journeys since 1995

“the most ethical, experienced and knowledgeable transcultural shamanic guidance
available today”

licensed in Perú

Cost and Terms

If you’ve come this far and feel a calling to join us in an Ayahuasca SpiritQuest
Listening to the Plants shamanic healing retreat, please
send us an e-mail of personal introduction with a statement of your motive
and intention for this work.

We will respond with more details about us, our philosophy, and the nature
of our work including registration cost and terms of participation.
At your request we will send our application screening questionnaire by
e-mail. Please do not request the questionnaire unless you intend
to attend if accepted.

Applicants are carefully screened for health and medication/drug issues, personal
intention, and compatibility with our program.

This is a real screening process and we do not accept everyone.

Your personal safety is our highest priority and we make every effort to assure

Our work is open to anyone, without prejudice, who presents themselves sincerely,
honestly and with good intentions, subject to

safety considerations regarding personal health, medication status, and general

Our work is intended for seekers of healing, truth and new beginnings in their

We are not engaged in ‘ayahuasca tourism’ and we are selective in whom we
accept to our work.

This work is not for everyone. We therefore do our best to select people
well-suited for it.

We’ll get back with you right away with more details including registration cost
and procedure to enroll.

Enrollment for each scheduled retreat is open until filled and you do not have to
be part of a group to enroll.

The usual monthly group size is 8 to 15 participants.

Terms of Registration

The standard enrollment deadline for the Ayahuasca SpiritQuest and Huachuma
SpiritQuest retreats is 30 days before the starting date. Registration
is possible after the enrollment deadline if space is available and there
are no health or medication-related safety concerns.

Ayahuasca SpiritQuest


screened double-occupancy lodging (single avail.)
transportation, land and water
meals at the Sanctuary
fees, and materials
and sensitive transcultural facilitation
diagnoses and consultation with the curanderos
individual healing work according to need
or five Ayahuasca cleansing and healing ceremonies
heart-opening Bobinsana ceremony
and stimulating flower baths and medicinal steam baths
group sharing and “talking stick” sessions
and trading visits with indigenous Bora, Yahua, Shipibo and Huitoto people
rainforest and riverine explorations
plants carefully-selected for highest quality and potency
in the preparation of the Ayahuasca medicine




Ayahuasca SpiritQuest

Listening to the Plants

“ayahuasca tourism”

don’t do ‘tours’ and we are not tourism operators. We are shamans
and curanderos of rich experience, deep knowledge, and impeccable integrity,
purely dedicated to the ancient shamanic art of holistic healing and higher
consciousness “for the good of all”.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are conducted by Don Rober Acho Jarama, an extraordinary
maestro banco ayahuasquero
who works in purely positive modalities and maintains a strong healing
practice in his resident community and among indigenous groups along the
Rio Momón outside Iquitos. He is ably assisted doña
Eliana Acho and don Howard Lawler, both ayahuasqueros with over 20 years
experience each in the Amazon. They a truly dedicated maestro curanderos
(shamanic healers) of the highest caliber. Each brings a special
gift to their magical blend and together there is none better.

Rober is an extraordinarily gifted natural healer characterized by lifelong
dedication to the old-fashioned jungle healing arts. His deep traditional
plant medicine knowledge, derived from over 46 years of shamanic
healing practice, is complimented and guided by healing spirits of
the water, earth, and air. He and doña Eliana radiate positive
healing energy and pure uncomplicated wisdom. They are consummately
kind and loving human beings who serve their art with grace and tireless


Not included


airport taxes

travelers’ insurance (optional)

medical/evacuation expenses

bottled beverages

tips and honoraria

personal items

Because of our overriding commitment to your personal goals and intentions,,

we limit group size to assure you receive all the personal attention you desire.


officially commences with group arrival on the starting date and ends with
breakfast and transportation to the airport on the closing date. The registration
cost includes lodging and accommodations at SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary,
meals, activities, shamanic counseling, personal healing, ceremonies and
medicines. We conduct our work on an organized basis with a daily
agenda. There is no discount or refund for late arrivals or early

We will greet you on arrival at the Iquitos airport with ground transportation
to our boats and on to the Sanctuary.

Please plan to arrive in Iquitos on the starting date via Star Peru Airlines from
Lima to Iquitos. This will insure that we can greet you at the airport
with transportation to the Sanctuary which is about an hour and a half
from the airport by land and water. A condition of acceptance to
our work is that you not arrive in Iquitos before the starting date.
This will avoid the many risks of the city and assure your proper
attitude and state of mind to enter our work.


Huachuma SpiritQuest

The Huachuma Mesada Initiation of the Three Worlds

You’ll want to consider our second week extension option,
The Huachuma Mesada Initiation of the Three Worlds
to move even deeper
into the practices and knowledge of South American sacred plant shamanism.

The agenda includes three stunning and transformative Huachuma Serpent Mesa
works with the Grand Maestro Huachumán and the extraordinary maestro
of the classical Chavín mesada ceremony Don
Howard Lawler Choque Chinchay
,Maestro Huachumero and Chakaruna.

aspects of core shamanism in principle and practice will be addressed,
with focus on classical shamanic teacher-healer plants of antiquity.


SpiritQuest Mission


SpiritQuest shamanic retreats are designed for the mature, sincere, and respectful
seeker of cultural knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, and personal healing.

The powerful holistic processes we facilitate require serious advance preparation
for fullest benefit.

Some aspects of these processes may be temporarily physically and emotionally
difficult. We have extensive experience in the administration of
these experiences and will nurture your passage with sensitivity, competence,
and compassion.

We will assist in all aspects of your journey preparations and provide follow-up
guidance and counseling according to your needs.

We hold in great esteem the native shamanic healers of the Peruvian Amazon,
their rich and varied cultures, and their profoundly-rooted spiritual beliefs.

We believe they have much to teach us if we’ll listen. We therefore require
the same respectful attitude from our fellow travelers.

Our work is not a tourist experience nor is it a recreational pursuit.
Please come seriously focused with positive intentions, or not at all.

For the benefit of all, applicants are screened to determine personal goals
and fitness for this experience. We reserve the right to respectfully decline
any application without prejudice.

Notarized waiver of liability and acceptance of risk and all written terms of participation
is a requirement of registration.

Workshop activities and programs are conducted in accordance with the laws and statutes
of the jurisdictions in which they occur.

the candle for commentsfrom
some of our distinguishedSpiritQuest

alumni e-mail references are available upon request

Press the
to request application materials.

You can also contact
us by telephone in Perú

at (011-51-65) 600-178
or 22-3595, or by Skype to Otorongo145.

Your questions or
comments are welcome…We’d like to hear from you!

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