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dedicated to holistic healing and higher consciousness

About Us

The rich ancient cultural history and spiritual cosmology of Andean and Amazonian Perú
are a priceless global heritage with much to teach the modern world if only we’ll listen.”
Don Howard Lawler, 1995

We have conducted t ruly superlative Ayahuasca SpiritQuest retreats and Huachuma Mesa Initiations in Perù since 1995.
We are the longest-running and most experienced facilitators of shamanic healing and higher consciousness programs in the Peruvian Amazon.

~ Don Howard Lawler ~

Principal Maestro of Shamanic Programs and Maestro of the Chavin Mesa


Don Howard is the founder and principal maestro of Peruvian SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants,innovative traditional retreats and pilgrimages exploring the deepest roots of traditional Peruvian shamanism, and focusing on holistic healing, personal transformation, and realization of ancient shamanic spiritual truth.  As a life-long shamanic practitioner, don Howard combines extensive knowledge of ethnobotany, pre-columbian Peruvian archeology, and traditional archaic shamanism to guide profoundly stimulating and transformative experiences for the serious seeker.

Don Howard has practiced traditional New World shamanism for over 50 years, and has initiated thousands of people in traditional ceremonial sacred plant shamanism. His shamanic practice is rooted in the ancient art of the Chavín huachuma mesada, the most sophisticated and advanced sacred plant ceremonial practice of Andean Perú, predating the Inca by over 1,500 years. The extraordinary Chavín culture, originating over 3,500 years ago, is recognized as the cradle of Andean civilization. The genesis of Chavin consciousness was the grand huachuma mesada ceremonies at Chavin de Huantar.

Don Howard’s many decades of experience, shamanic knowledge and skills, compassion, and personal integrity provide the perfect transcultural bridge for those seeking a connection with Source. He believes this ancient path offers great benefit to humankind to realize personal healing, renewal and spiritual consciousness much needed in today’s world. His rich knowledge and experience in this field combines with strong sensitivity, human insight, unbridled enthusiasm and dynamic transcultural skills to make your SpiritQuest journeys truly the transformative experience of a lifetime.

Don Howard is a citizen of Peru and permanently resides in Iquitos with his family. In the Peruvian Amazon, he works closely with members of the Muruy Huitoto, Yahua, Bora, Quichua Alamas, and Shipibo Indian communities near Iquitos, Perú to support self-sustaining health care, nutrition, community development, land rights, and cultural preservation projects.

Don Howard has conducted field studies and group workshops in conservation biology, herpetology, ethnobiology, and New World shamanism in the U.S., Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, and Perú since 1969. He has published over fifty papers and articles on ecological, wildlife, conservation and research topics and has addressed formal lecture audiences in Mexico, Perú, Sweden and throughout the United States.

Don Rober and don Howard represent over 110 years of combined experience in the practice of the shamanic healing arts. Unlike many others, they are not newcomers to this work. They will guide you through the joys and challenges of the spirit plant shamanic path, and the rewarding integration of which follows, amplifying your relationship with nature, cosmos, and all humanity through your deep connection with the profound spiritual essence of ancient Perú.

~ Reyna Isabel Villacorta Vasquez de Lawler ~

Director of Guest Services at SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary


Reyna was born in the small jungle village of Bretania, on the edge of the great Pacara-Samiria rainforest reserve. She was raised in the old jungle culture and learned about medicinal plants from early childhood. Reyna oversees food services and guest comforts at SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary and helps coordinate our staff. Reyna and Howard are wife and husband and have two children, Howard and Selva Reyna whose name means “Forest Queen.”




Tercero Ramon Villacorta Vasquez
Sanctuary General Manager

Ramon was born in the small community of Bretania near the Pacara-Samiria Natural Reserve, Peru’s largest rainforest reserve. He has embraced vegetalismo and curanderismo since his youth, and brings great dedication and integrity to SpiritQuest Sanctuary where he is general manager of facilities and operations.




~ Sanchi Reta Lawler M.M.S. ~
Facilitator of Transpersonal Shamanic StudiesSpiritQuest Registrar

Sanchi Reta is a professional transpersonal psychotherapist and teacher of meditation in the Zen Buddhist lineage. She has worked for many years with mystics and shamans in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon as well as spiritual teachers in India and Nepal. She serves as U.S. coordinator for SpiritQuest programs, and when able to travel to Perú, as co-facilitator of transpersonal shamanic studies in our workshops and retreats.Reta’s rich life-long experience and discipline in spiritual quest brings great insight and skill to the shamanic healing process.

When attending in Perú, she facilitates inspiring and transformative spiritual and personal growth activities with our maestro curanderos.Reta also periodically leads shamanic study groups to the Peruvian Andes for work with her Andean teacher don Americo Yabar and Q’ero shamans. She is an accomplished spiritual counselor and practitioner of Peruvian shamanism who will help you realize the greatest blessings possible before, during, and after SpiritQuest. Reta and Howard are sister and brother.





Now meet the extraordinary Lamista banco ayahuasquero …


Don Rober Acho Jarama