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A Shamanic Revival Celebration

of Life, Spirit, Healing, and Renewal

in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

A special ten-day spiritual reunion in the rainforests of Amazonian Perú

honoring ancient shamanic Ayahuasca healing practices and ageless wisdom

“… good medicines for the times we’re in”

facilitated by Choque Chinchay Journeys since 1995

licensed in Perú

“Journeys” is a verb … so journey with us!

Ayahuasca Odyssey To New Beginnings

Terms of Registration

If you’ve come this far and are seriously interested in joining an Ayahuasca
Odyssey shamanic revival celebration …

then send us an e-mail
with a personal introduction
and tell us why you’d like to share in our work

We’ll send you detailed information by e-mail
on cost, terms, and required preparation.

Our work with Ayahuasca is unsurpassed

and conducted to help you realize positive healing and improvements in your quality of life.

We are mature life-long practitioners of the ancient shamanic arts with over
130 years of combined experience…

We extend this opportunity to those seeking holistic
healing and higher consciousness,

and who share our passion for an ancient pathway to the Source.

If you feel a calling and would like to work with genuine OLD maestros

instead of apprentices,

then we look forward to hearing from you.


SpiritQuest shamanic retreats are professionally facilitated intensive courses in traditional Peruvian sacred plant shamanism intended to heal

and enhance your personal life experience and help define your contribution to the emerging collective consciousness.

We have conducted these shamanic healing and instructional programs in Peru since 1995, much longer than any others in this area.

Our work is wholly dedicated in service to holistic healing and higher consciousness.   We practice authentic archaic Peruvian sacred plant shamanism.

We don’t do ‘tours’ and we are not engaged in ‘psychedelic tourism’, a pejorative concept in conflict with the purpose and principles of authentic curanderismo

Serious work with the sacred plants is not a casual recreational pursuit.  It is not a ‘drug’ experience.

It is difficult and challenging holistic work requiring serious preparation and intention leading to dramatic positive benefits in ones’ life.

Our work is not about ‘experience’ alone, it is instead focused on achieveing positive results in your life.

If you are a tourist just looking for a novel vacation experience, a drug ‘trip’, or ‘adventure’ tourism, look somewhere else.

That’s not what we do.

We practice genuine traditional archaic shamanism through the timeless lens of Amazonian-Andean  cosmology.

We employ ancient sacred plant technology originating thousands of years ago, dedicated to the highest principles of universal shamanism

Our work is not about ‘power’ and it’s not about us… it is instead about helping YOU

attain healing, clarity, strength, transformation, unification, and service.

If that resonates with your intention, then perhaps we are a good match.

The ceremonies are surrounded by multi-dimensional activities designed to help you integrate these experiences into your daily life.
The Ayahuasca Odyssey is an intense, accelerated, highly charged course in the principles and practice of ancient core shamanism of the Peruvian Amazon.

We are maestros and curanderos, teachers and healers. We conduct our work in a highly professional and ethical manner with your safety and best
interests always our highest priority.

We specialize in the guidance and facilitation of real traditional shamanic healing and spiritual growth work which is fundamentally results-oriented
rather than solely experience-oriented. The positive and enduring benefits of these deep experiences in your life are what matter most.

We therefore wish to invest our time and energy with those individuals who have such important motives in mind. Appropriate advance preparation
is very important to realize the best results and we will assist you in this regard.

Because of the delicate nature of our activities, we have an application screening procedure to help assure your safety and compatibility with our focus, activities, and style of work. We will forward our application questionnaire with detailed registration instructions by e-mail when
you confirm your desire to join in our work.

Press El Otorongo to send e-mail requesting application materials for the
Ayahuasca Odyssey in the Peruvian Amazon. You can also contact
us on Skype at ‘otorongo145’ and by telephone in Peru at (011-51-065)
22-47-69 and ask for don Howard. Your questions are