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Ayahuasca Odyssey A Shamanic Revival Celebration of Life, Spirit, Healing, and Transformation in theHeart of the Peruvian Amazon

A special ten-day spiritual reunion in the rainforests of Amazonian Perú
experiencing traditional shamanic Ayahuasca healing practices and ethnobotanical knowledge
“ancient medicine for the modern world”


expertly facilitated by Choque Chinchay Journeys since 1995
licensed in Perú

Ayahuasca Odyssey
Agenda and Accommodations
Ceremonial Cleansing and Healing with Ayahuasca

The heart and soul of this Celebration of Life and Spirit is the unique opportunity to work with gifted true shamanic healers, masters of the ancient healing arts of the Amazon rainforest. Our healing retreats are conducted by extraordinary maestro curanderos of over 80 years’ collective experience, who bring a natural energy and scope of ancient knowledge to our ceremonies rarely found. You will have an opportunity for private counseling and personalized healing work in addition to group ceremonies.

The Ayahuasca Odyssey is a spiritually-focused retreat requiring serious preparation, focus and concentration. You will be opened to new levels of spiritual consciousness which will render you vulnerable to subtle influences. You will want to temporarily disengage from the mundane world as much as possible, concentrate your thoughts and energy on the shamanic work at hand, keep the prescribed diet, and avoid potentially harmful distractions outside the retreat framework. In order to realize the fullest benefits of the deep and sensitive healing work we will engage, you will be expected to remain at the retreat except in the course of scheduled group activities.

Preparation of the ancient holistic healing medicine Ayahuasca commences on the afternoon of the starting date and continues through much of the next day. We will attend this process and learn about the role and significance of each component first-hand from our maestro shamans. This is a most important aspect of initiation in the ways and knowledge of the Amazonian curandero.
This knowledge aids the seeker of healing in forming a personal connection with the medicine at its natural and cultural source. .

Five traditional shamanic ayahuasca healing ceremonies and one heart-opening bobinsana ceremony will be conducted during the ten-day Odyssey celebration, six healing ceremonies in all.

You will experience the incredibly skilled shamanic healing art of don Rober Acho Jarama, a genuine banco ayahuasquero (ayahuasca healer at the most advanced level) who will safely guide you deep into inner space and back with skill, integrity, and compassion.

In the presence of ayahuasca for “Power” and chacruna and huambisa for “Light”, our group will assemble in each ceremony with don Rober, don Choque Chinchay, doña Eliana, and invited spirits presiding. A lovely and stunning blend of beautiful icaros, the shamans’ magical spiritual healing music, will guide our journeys as we venture beyond the ordinary together.

These powerful mystical ceremonies bring many wonders and surprises to initiates, often more than they anticipated. You will be guided and attended throughout your ceremonial experiences with care, love, and empathy. The SpiritQuest family has much experience with the medicine and shamanic healing. You will be protected and nurtured through all your experiences.

Invigorating flower baths, an integral part of the shamanic cleansing experience, are administered by don Rober and doñaEliana each morning following the ayahuasca ceremonies. The combination of the fragrant essences of jungle flowers and the melodic icaros bringing blessings of love and cleansing is powerful, comforting, and unforgettable. On these mornings, you will feel joy and rejuvenation as you find fulfillment in your personal quest. These experiences will leave you with much clarity, energy and focus for your continuing personal growth in the months to come.

After each ceremony we’ll convene in facilitated group talking stick circles to share our visions, dreams and impressions from the previous evening{s ceremonies. This provides opportunity for further insight in the workings of the medicine and in ourselves by sharing the experiences of others.

Other activities include river outings, canoeing, and casual walks in different kinds of rainforest in the SpiritQuest Sanctuary Rainforest Nature reserve. We have an extensive topical library on shamanism, ayahuasca, huachuma, other entheogens, Peruvian cultural history, traditions, ethnobiology, medicinal plants, natural history, and eclectic global spiritual and healing practices.

The Eden-like spiritually-inspired SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary is located on the Río Momón, a secondary tributary of the Río Amazonas about an hour outside Iquitos, Peru. Accessible only by boat,

The Sanctuary is an extraordinary rainforest ceremonial retreat center dedicated exclusively to holistic healing and evolution of higher consciousness. The SSS is the perfect place to encounter deep healing and spiritual realization through communion with the sacred plants and impeccable human company in intimate contact with nature. The centrally-located temple maloca in which our ceremonies are conducted is of pyramidal design with a circular base, incorporating metaphysical geometry which is itself conducive to states of higher consciousness.

The Sanctuary features comfortable guest accommodations with spacious screened rooms, private bathrooms, convenient shower access, electricity for lighting and charging your devices, free wi fi internet access, excellent organic meals, an extensive topical reference library, and friendly family-style guest services. Though standard accommodation is double occupancy, single rooms are usually available at no added cost.

SpiritQuest Sanctuary stewards a beautiful 350-acre rainforest nature reserve teeming with rich plant and wildlife diversity. The SpiritQuest Nature Reserve is a perpetual contribution to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.

An extensive trail network is maintained for guided and casual walks through the verdant splendor of old-growth rainforest. Everything at SpiritQuest Sanctuary is integrated with nature, and so shall you be as well.

Activities vary according to weather conditions and time of year. In addition to hiking trails, swimming, and other casual activities, we have a small fleet of canoes available at any time for outings on the beautiful Rio Momón at our front door.

Our Style

At SpiritQuest Sanctuary, spiritual love, compassion, ancient wisdom, and natural beauty combine to produce the perfect ambience for deep personal shamanic healing and spiritual realization. SpiritQuest Sanctuary is unquestionably among the premiere retreat centers dedicated exclusively to Amazonian/Andean shamanism. Our plant medicines are extremely potent, and our mastery of the ceremony and conduction of the healing energy is second to none.

Our message speaks from the heart and from ancient wisdom which we readily share with those who bring an honest and sincere intention for themselves and others. We are genuine and would expect you to be also.

Our work stands apart from all the others in the depth of our experience and knowledge in the principles and practice of core shamanism. There is much more to work with the healer-teacher plants than what’s in the cup, and we’ll help you realize it in ways few can. Deep experience of many decades, impeccable integrity, and consummate professionalism defines our work, which emparts high experiential quality and enduring personal holistic benefits in ones life.

Our work is designed for the mature and sophisticated seeker of genuine shamanic healing and personal life transformation. It is not intended for ordinary ‘ayahuasca tourists’, followers of current fads, or those merely seeking a novel vacation experience.

La Dieta

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dietary preparation is required for serious work with Ayahuasca. Restriction or abstinence from salt, sugar, spices, oils, and sexual activity is recommended during the time surrounding the ceremonies. Strict abstinence from eating pork or lard for fifteen days prior to and following the retreat is required. Additional short-term (24 hour) dietary restrictions are recommended as an added safety measure to avoid potential complications from temporary monoamine oxidase inhibition.

Some medications may not be taken with Ayahuasca. These include antidepressants affecting, monoamine oxidase or serotonin levels (MAOI/SSRI), antihistamines, amphetamines, diet aids, opiates, and antibiotics.

Certain health conditions, particularly high blood pressure, coronary problems, diagnosed psychoses or other mental illnesses may preclude safe work with Ayahuasca.

Women in their menstrual cycle may be at some risk of excessive bleeding when drinking Ayahuasca. However, special ceremonial ‘sealing’ protection is applied at the beginning of the ceremony so that the woman can participate .

Revelation of all current medications, substance consumption and known health conditions is a requirement of registration to assure your safety.You’ll be served excellent organic food of the highest quality at the Sanctuary. Observing the traditional vegetalista diet, we recommend you reduce or abstain alcohol, pork, red meat, salt, refined sugar, fats, saturated oils, and hot spices from two days before arrival until the second day after the final Ayahuasca ceremony.

Though posing no special risks (except possibly alcohol), these additives may inhibit your uptake and receptivity to the Ayahuasca medicine to some degree. Reduction or abstinence of these substances has the benefit of cleansing and purifying the system, and will hasten and strengthen your connection with the medicine. Sexual activity and thoughts should be abstained during this time as well. Sexual abstinence conserves essential energy which is better invested in the rigors of your work with Ayahuasca, and will help guide your mental and spiritual focus in more esoteric realms (see http://www.biopark.org/peru/sqcleansing-01.html). You may find your natural libido enhanced along with all your other functions following your work with Ayahuasca.

Longer periods of dieting may yield additional benefits but the choice is yours. Alcohol and pork should be avoided for a week before and after work with Ayahuasca. They are the only substances one need abstain for more than a few days before and after the ceremonies.

You’ll have a choice of two forms of diet, one more liberal and the other the strict vegetalista diet followed by a seriously committed shaman’s apprentice.

Either diet is appropriate for personal healing and transformative work with ayahuasca without any compromise of the benefits. The strict vegetalista diet is not a requirement to work safely and productively with Ayahuasca for personal healing and spiritual growth. It is however a choice for those who would like to experience it’s rigors and challenges in the course of their shamanic work.

The strict vegetalista diet, known here as “la dieta”, is intended specifically for those undertaking a serious long-term apprenticeship to learn the medicinal plants and eventually become a curandero in the Amazonian tradition. A genuine shamanic apprenticeship is actually measured in years and cannot be accomplished in a few weeks or months no matter how diligent, dedicated, and well-intentioned one may be. It is a path that requires patience, commitment, humility, concentration, and years of dedication.

The strict diet is very bland and consists only of boiled or grilled fish of small boney varieties with boiled yuca, plantains, quinoa, heart of palm, eggs, water, limonada, and organic tea.

Salt, sugar, oils, caffeine, spices and sexual activity are strictly abstained. The strict diet also requires that one use no soap, shampoo, tooth paste, deodorants, or any other chemicals or medicines other than the native plants in the dieta.

Ayahuasca is physically and energetically demanding. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stamina is needed to complete a strong cycle of work such as we do at the Sanctuary. Many newcomers to Ayahuasca find it difficult to eat enough on the strict dieta to sustain their strength in working with the medicine for the first time. For many people, good nutrition and sufficient calories are needed to sustain this needed energy. For this reason we also work with a broader and more nutritious dieta which still provides the systemic cleansing needed for work with Ayahuasca.

The more liberal healing and initiation dieta consists of grilled or boiled fish, vegetable or chicken soup, rice or quinoa, boiled, browned, or mashed potatoes, yuca (cassava). heart of palm (chonta), eggs, and a variety of vegetables and fruits raw, boiled, or lightly stir-fried. Light seasoning is optional in the liberal diet. We serve fruit drinks (refrescos) made from a variety of native fruits mixed with water, some of which you will encounter for the first time here. A variety of teas are also available.

Coffee should not be consumed the day of ceremony or the morning after, if at all. Caffeine is not the issue, since some widely-used Ayahuasca admixture plants, such as guayusa, contain high amounts of caffeine. Nonetheless, hypertensive reactions from drinking coffee have been noted in a few people, so it’s best not ot drink it while working with Ayahuasca. Teas containing caffeine and the Brazilian plant stimulant guarana do not produce any adverse effects. Honey may be used as sweetener if desired (this is acceptable in the liberal diet only), and we sometimes have wild jungle honey which is regarded as a natural medicine in the Amazon. Vegetarian diets are readily accommodated so tell us what you like and we’ll make every effort to get it for you.

Indigenous People of the Rainforest

We will visit our indigenous Bora and Yahua neighbors, sharing traditional song and dance, and trading for their lovely handicraft made from natural products of the rainforests and rivers.We’ll attend a special Bora social fiesta celebrating the indigenous life, and share traditional foods made of yuca (manioc), other native vegetables and fruits, and fish, all prepared in the traditional Bora style. We’ll have the opportunity to share the traditional Bora hunting and ceremonial stimulant called ampíri, a powerful stimulant made from mapacho tobacco and combined with yypi, dried and pulverized wild coca leaf mixed with sepico (Cecropia) ash.

We will also visit a Muruy Huitoto Indian community further down the Amazon, and our Shipibo artisan friends will visit the Sanctuary to display their colorful and intricate embroidery and painted cloth art depicting Ayahuasca themes and motifs.

Explorations in Rainforest Culture and Ethnobotany
(We must reserve the right to modify the agenda if required due to weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control.)

We’ll travel on the Amazon River to stroll through beautiful old-growth rainforest to the invigorating waters of the quebrada encantada (enchanted stream). This beautiful and unique carbon springs is one of only two in the Iquitos region. You can relax in the cool water and treat yourself to a rejuvenating mud bath with the rich gray medicinal clay for which this stream is famous.

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Ayahuasca Odyssey

Mission Statement
Transcultural Facilitation
SpiritQuest Sanctuary
Maestro Curanderos
Ayahuasca Healing Ceremonies
Cost and Terms of Participation

Ayahuasca Odyssey is designed for the mature, sincere, and respectful seeker of cultural knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, and personal holistic healing.

The process undertaken is at times challenging on many levels and requires serious advance preparation for fullest benefit.

Some aspects of this process may be temporarily physically and emotionally difficult. We have extensive experience in the administration of this process and will nurture your passage through it with sensitivity and competence.

We will assist in all aspects of your journey preparations and provide all the follow-up guidance and counseling you desire.

For the benefit of all, applicants are screened to determine personal goals and fitness for this experience.

We reserve the right to respectfully decline any application without prejudice.

Notarized waiver of liability and acceptance of risk and all written terms is a requirement of registration.

All our activities and programs are conducted in accordance with the laws and statutes of the jurisdictions in which they occur.

We hold in high esteem the people of the Peruvian Amazon, their rich and varied cultures, and their profoundly-rooted spiritual beliefs.

We believe they have much to teach us if we’ll listen. We therefore require the same respectful attitude from our fellow travelers.


Press Otorongo Blanco to send e-mail requesting application materials for the Ayahuasca Odyssey shamanic celebration in the Peruvian Amazon. You can call us on Skype to ‘otorongo145′ or by telephone in Perú at (011-51-065) 22-35-95 or 600-179 (ask for Don Howard) . Your questions are welcome.

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