Mission Statement


“The rich ancient cultural history and spiritual cosmology of Peru are a priceless global heritage with much to teach the entire world as we approach our date with human destiny.”

–  Don Howard Lawler, 1995

Choque Chinchay SpiritQuest Mission Statement


ur intention and mission is to be a dynamic and viable positive influence in the collective healing of all humanity and the Earth. One human spirit at a time.

We are dedicated to the healing of the Earth and all humanity by helping those who seek to attain deep personal cleansing, holistic healing, rebirth of the spirit, and higher consciousness. We’re serious about it and would expect you to be also.

 SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants healing retreats are distinguished by our decades of experience and demonstrated skill in the shamanic arts, consummate professionalism, impeccable integrity, and compassionate and responsible care for the well-being of those entrusted to us.

Our service is to facilitate holistic healing, profound spiritual realization, dynamic personal empowerment, and enduring positive life transformation for those who seek it.

We intend to be a positive influence in the joining of ancient and modern cultures to prepare for the challenges and blessings of the Renaissance of Consciousness which is at hand.

Our invitation is to you, if you feel a calling to our work.