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Gateway to the Peruvian Amazon

The Floating City of Belén

    The floating

    city of Belén (left), also known as the Venice of Perú,

    is an eye-opening study in urban mestizo resilience and survival amidst

    poor sanitation, poverty and under-employment.

    (left) Many

    homes are built on balsa logs which float as the seasonal rise in river

    level inevitably comes. Others are elevated on stilts just above the normal

    annual high-water mark.

During the

high water season from February to July, the lower streets are filled with

canoes, the “bicycles” of Belén.

It is unsafe

to enter this area without a trusted guide.  Hustlers, pickpockets

and pack snatchers are common and tourists are a prime target.


Paquito … jungle elixirs and medicines for every ailment ….



visit to Paseo Paquito, the jungle medicine market in Belén, is

a fascinating and enlightening experience.  Here one can find dozens

of time-honored jungle folk remedies for many common and not-so-common

illnesses and disorders. 


like chuchuhuasi

and clavo huasca,

are hailed as aphrodaisiacs and tonics for ailments ranging from sexual

dysfunction to rheumatism and arthritis. 


legendary jungle elixirs Siete Raices (Seven Roots) and similar

concoctions usually contain these two components along with others.


de gato and sangre

de grado have gained global recognition as effective treatments for

immuno-depressive disorders, ulcers and skin lacerations. 


is adviced in transactions for deception is common and one cannot be sure

of the authenticity of their purchase without trusted and knowledgeable



scenes from the Belén market…



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