More About Iquitos…

Gateway to the Peruvian Amazon

Iquitos is

the quintessential jungle frontier city with its unique cultural blend

of indigenous, European, and Asian influences.

You’ll see

remnants of the 1880’s rubber boom era in the many European-style buildings

decorated with ceramic tiles imported from Italy and Portugal. 

Much of the

Iquitos architecture along the riverfront and around the Plaza de Armas

is delightfully distinctive and colorful.


The famed casa de hierro (iron house) was designed by Gustav Eiffel and

first erected for the Paris Exhibition of 1878. 

It was later

purchased by a wealthy Iquitos rubber baron named Julius H. Toots, dismantled,

shipped to Iquitos and re-assembled where it stands today.

The original

structure was actually divided into two portions, the second section being

incorporated into the ‘Mercado Central’ where it can still be identified


Regional indigenous

cultural diversity is honored in the interesting riverfront regional Amazon

Museum which features a series of exquisite body-cast statues by sculptor

Felipe Lettersten representing the many Indian tribes of western Amazonia,

aptly titled ‘Hijos de Nuestra Tierra’ (Children of Our Earth).

Here you’ll

see tribes such as the Shipibo, Bora, Yagua, Cocama, Witoto, Iquitos, Ashininga,

Mayaruna, Aguaruna, and many others depicted in traditional dress and pose. 

Also featured

in the museum is a fascinating series of antique photographs of old Iquitos

and an elegant central courtyard. 


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