Choque Chinchay Journeys
An Expanding Bibliography
of the Great Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche, 
and Chavin Civilizations 
of Pre-Columbian Perú

compiled by
Don Howard Lawler

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The Original
Huachuma Mesa  Pilgrimage Through Time

From the mysterious and powerful  Sicán-Lambayeque and Moche
ceremonial pyramids along the northern coast ...
to the cradle of Andean civilization,
the estraordinary Huachuma Temple of Universal Consciousness
at Chavín de Huántar
and Nature's newly created Mesa of Creativity
at Heaven's Gate in the Cordillera Blanca
"A magical journey through time and space, exploring incredible places of great shamanic power
revered by three remarkable pre-Inca cultures of Perú ... the Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche, and Chavín.

From the ancient Moche ceremonial pyramids of human sacrifice at the epicenter of El Niño on the northern coast ...

... to the center of supreme Chavin shamanic enlightenment ...
 the great Huachuma Temple of the Jaguar at Chavín de Huántar

with masterful Huachuma Mesa works at the ancient huacas, mesa ceremonial centers of antiquity.  We practice full-on deep core pre-Columbian Huachuma shamanism in the pure Chavin tradition,
vastly more powerful and transformative than the contemporary San Pedro mesada.

Inquire about this unique opportunity if you feel a calling to it.
Note: This journey is challenging on many levels and not for everyone.
It is NOT a tour, itis a shamanic pilgrimage of the first order.

SO ... if you are prepared to enter the non-ordinary realms of the land, mind, and shamanic cosmology
of the ancient Moche and Chavin with an open mind, courage, unselfish intention,
personal integrity, and universal love ...

... if you can bring your best to the Mirror of the Mesa ...

then this just might turn out to be the most incredibly enlightening spiritual experience of your life!

Participation is limited to twelve intrepid pilgrims of positive intent,
sharing attitude, stout heart, relaxed travel style, adventurous spirit and sharing, forgiving, and tolerant nature..


From those who've gone before ...
alumni references available on request

This is the ORIGINAL  Huachuma Journey Through Time ..

Though imitation is a form of flattery, plagiarism is simply theft of the concepts and ideas of others,
and reflects a lack of integrity and inspired creativity.  Don't be deceived by unscrupulous "shamanic travel agents"
offering an imitation of our pure mesa work ...

Participation is limited to fourteen pilgrims of warm and stout heart,
adventurous spirit, and sharing tolerant nature. Group minimum is six.

The Huachuma Mesa Journey Through Time is profound and challenging on many levels.
It is not a casual tourist experience and is not for everyone.
It is reserved for the serious seeker of powerful core shamanic experience
who can bring positive qualities to the blend.
Participant screening by interview and questionnaire is required.

 Inquire about  dates, registration cost, and availability.

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