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"supreme shamanic experience in Perú"

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The Extraordinary
Huachuma Mesa
Pilgrimage From Time

Exploring the land, mind, 
world view and shamanic cosmology
of the Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche
and Chavín civilizations of ancient Perú

With profoundly enlightening and  transformative 
Huachuma Mesa works masterfully conducted
by Chavin Maestro Huachumero
Don Choque Chinchay

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This is the ORIGINAL Huachuma Journey Through Time ...
Though imitation may be a form of flattery, plagiarism of the concepts and ideas of others is simply theft, and reflects a lack of integrity, creativity, and credibility.
Don't be deceived by unscrupulous "shamanic travel agents" or other imposters offering a pale copy of this original and uniquely inspired huachuma mesa journey initiation pilgimage .

"A healing and transformative journey through time and space, exploring incredible places of great metaphysical power revered by three remarkable pre-Inca cultures of Peru ... the Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche, and Chavín.

From the ancient Sicán and Moche ceremonial pyramids on the northern coast ...

... to the greatest pilgrimage destination of the ancient Andean world ,
  the Temple of Universal Consciousness at Chavín de Huántar

... with extraordinarily masterful Huachuma Mesa works in the original  Chavín lineage.

The Huachuma Pilgrimage From Time is exciting, challenging, and intense
on many levels ... it is not a casual tourist experience and is definitely not for everyone ...
It's not a tour and it's not a seminar ... it is a true shamanic pilgrimage of consciousness of the highest order.

It is a genuine deep core initiation in experiential Peruvian mesa shamanism
at the highest form of the Art ... fully immersed in the timeless power and sacred places
of the greatest shamanic cultures of ancient Perú.

SO ...

if you are prepared to enter the non-ordinary realms with an open mind,
a willing heart, a dash of courage, your best intention, all your  integrity,
and a genuine desire to See Truth ...

 ... if you think you're ready to walk through the portals of Time and Space
to experience the undeniable spiritual reality of ancient Chavín shamanic cosmology ...

... if you are prepared to stand before unvarnished Truth ...

... and look in the mirror of Life without your mask ...

... if you truly wish to See the Universe within and all around you ...

then let us hear from you.


Participation is limited to twelve pilgrims of honest intention, sharing and relaxed attitude,
tolerant nature, stout heart and adventurous spirit.

Due to the powerful and delicate nature of this journey,
personal screening is required for participation.

Here are some words from alumni
about the Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage From Time.


From the beginning of our journey along the coast and  into the Andean highlands of northern Perú we will be stepping back in time in the ancient homeland of  prominent pre-Incan cultures of northern Perú, most notably the mysterious and powerful shamanic religious cult of the Chavín in the central Andes and the stark and enigmatic Moche civilization of the northern coast.

The Huachuma Mesa Piilgrimage Through Time consists of three phases, each representing phenomenal cultural turning points in the continually evolving art of the huachuma mesa in Perú, the most advanced and sophisticated of the ancient shamanic arts.

The incredibly sophisticated Chavín shamanic temple culture became the nucleus of an expanding universal shamanic spiritual movement which, centered in the powerfully enlightening Huachuma Mesa initiation experience, inspired a rapidly growing following among ancient peoples from all regions of west-central South America.  The construction of the grand Huachuma Temple of the Jaguar at Chavín de Huantar continued for hundreds of years.  The Chavín Temple has been dated by some archaeologists as beginning around 3,200 B.C. but the date may actually be several hundred years earlier.   More about Chavin shamanism ... 

The later Moche, Sicán-Lambayeque, Wari, Paracas, Nazca, and Chimú cultures were all influenced by Chavín culture and art, continuing until the reign of the Incas beginning on the northern coast of Perú around 1,200 A.D. 

While visiting these ancient sacred places of shamanic power and the modern-day descendants of these first great Peruvian civilizations we will realize deep personal healing, transformation and crystal clarity of perception through four or more powerfully illuminating mesa ceremonies guided by a maestro huachumero and the revered grand maestro curandero Huachuma.

Travel in Perú, especially in the remote areas we will visit, may be delayed  by unexpected events beyond our control which require flexibility, patience, a sense of adventure, and occasionally a little courage and perseverence.  We'll share these experiences in the spirit of comradery, cooperation, harmony and good nature.

Along the Peruvian coast and in the northern Andes, sacred places of ancient pre-Inca cultures emit powerful magnetic and energetic fields which help one regain a state of positive harmonic equilibrium in their lives.  These places and practices are, by and large, the foundations upon which the Incan cosmology is based.  But the Incan cosmology is but the last of a long succession of powerful shamanically-centered spiritual cosmologies.  We will begin before the Inca and revisit the land, mind, and shamanic cosmology of three highly influential cultures of the northern coast and Andes of Perú.

We will visit truly sacred places of of great elemental power and energy to better understand the relationship between these cultures and the forces of nature and human events which profoundly influenced their daily lives, ritual practices, and spiritual cosmology.

We will also seek personal healing, rejuvenation and illumination of the meaning of our own lives through ceremony and communion with the extraordinay maestro huachumero don Choque Chinchay, the grandfather teacher-healer plant Huachuma and the spirits of Nature and Cosmos.

Through our personal communion with thse great powers of Spirit, we will travel shamanic pathways into our inner universe where we can we can "See" with crystal clarity the wholeness, the unity, and the dynamic interrelationship which is the true essence of the universe.

The Huachuma Journey through Time is multidimensional in many aspects. One if these is to sense and experience places of power of ancient Peruvian cultures predating the Inca dynasty.  From the beginning of our journey, we will step back into time to revisit ancient pre-Columbian societies.

We will by-pass the usual 'tourist' perspective, focusing instead on connecting with the energy of these sacred places to try to perceive the reasons why the ancients built their monuments to the sacred sources of power at these places.

Phase I
Brujeria and Curanderismo
Elemental Sorcery and Healing

The first phase of the Journey Through Time unfolds along the northern coast of Perú.  Our time frame is from 800-1,200 A.D. We'll arrive in Chiclayo, a major coastal center of San Pedro mesa shamanism and travel north to Túcume, where exist a magnificent center of 26 pyramids built by the Sicán-Lambayeque culture from around 900 to 1350 A.D.   Here we will engage the Mesa of Death ... to understand the meaning of Death ... what is is ... and what it isn't!

The Mesa of Power  will be experienced on the beach near a remarkable archeological excavation-in-progress named for the  extraordinarily powerful and raw elemental energy present there. 

Located here are three ancient Moche ceremonial pyramids, huacas, where once was conducted human sacrifice to abate the cyclic fury of El Niño. 

Given the location and orientation of the pyramids, it is likely they served as cosmic batteries storing the elemental energy derived from the sea and wind, and perhaps also repositories of human life essence captured during the human sacrifice practiced there for centuries. 

Phase II
The Greatest Shamanic Cultural Lineage In The History of Mankind
Curanderismo, Healing and Supreme Spiritual Realization
The Zenith of Core Shamanism

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The third and ultimate dimension of the Huachuma Mesa Journey Through Time will be our climactic pilgrimage to visit the greatest human tribute known to the power and magic of sacred plant shamanism  ... the grand Jaguar Temple at Chavín de Huántar. 

The Chavin Temple is the original model for contemporary Mesa structure still utilized today by San Pedro maestros.  The old temple at Chavín de Huantar is the mother of the mesa. 

We will conduct the Jaguar Mesa of Transformation near the Temple and encounter the incredible supernatural power of the legendary Lanzón, at the Axis Mundi ... the center of the ancient Andean world.

Figure Left ...The ascending huachumero ... the mirror in stone

Figure Right ... The descending benevolent diety ... the reception from the Source

The Chavin Stela Raimondi is to some the most profound expression of core sacred plant consciousness in the history of mankind ..

this colorized image is copyrighted

The Chavín cultural influence has been dated by archeologists as beginning about 3,500 B.C. though it is probably older.

The Chavin influence sparked an unprecedented explosion of high culture, extraordinary art, and extremely sophisticated shamanic spiritual practices which gained the following of legions of ancient peoples of the sierra, the coast, and the selva, and lasted for over a millennium. 

All subsequent culture was influenced in some way by the Chavin model of civilization.  For this reason Chavin has been called the cradle of Andean civilization. 

Civilizations such as the Mochica, Wari, Lambayeque, and Chimú continued consecutively until the arrival of the Incas.

The Chavín master shamans administered to countless legions of pilgrims at the Jaguar Temple over a golden millennium of Andean spiritual utopia. 

They were  certainly the greatest shamans of all time given the scope and magnitude of their contributions to the genesis of Andean civilization.  Transformation.

The Misas of the Chavín Renaissance
... toward unified shamanic consciousness
in 2012
Misa of the Serpent
Amazonian Culture  ... where Chavín began

The Mesa of the Shamanic Lower World ...the womb of the soul.   Where Chavín Consciousness begins.

Powerful healing energy of the Divine Feminine uniting with ancient grandfather wisdom of the Andes amidst the verdant organic splendor of the Amazon.

Primary elemental spirits are Water, Earth and Air..

Misa of Death
Sicán-Lambayeque Culture of the Northern Coast

A Fire Misa at the 1,000 year-old Sicán-Lambayeque city of pyramids at Túcume, north of Chiclayo,  where contemporary San Pedro mesa practice is a strong a viable element in the Peruvian coastal culture ...

 Conquering Fear, Understanding Death ... what it is and what it isn't.

Primary elemental spirit is Fire.

Misa of the Puma
The amazing Sicán-Lambayeque Culture of the Northern Coast

The Misa of the Shamanic Middle World.

The Misa of The Puma takes us to the magnificent Sicán ceremonial pyramids at Batán Grande,  surrounded by the powerful earth energy of the Bosque de Pomác, the Forest of the Puma.   Realizing, renewing and celebrating our relationship with Pachamama.

Realizing the spiritual world in which we live NOW.  Understanding and reconciling our human nature and gaining knowledge of our trajectory.

Primary elemental spirit is Earth..

Misa of Power
The awe-inspiring Moche Culture of the Northern Coast

The electrifying Misa of Sorcery ...

On the beach near ancient 2,000 year-old Mochica ceremonial pyramids... a Mesa on a grande scale ... one a place of sacred human sacrifice, the other a place of sacred human procreation ... all to propitiate the awesome power of the El Niño climatic phenomenon on the northern coast of Perú...

the other an awesome metaphysical generator of powerful life-giving energy ... the two working together to create a balance of life and death on a unprecedented scale ...

Contemplating the nature of Power ... Must it always corrupt? What are the benefits and risks?  Can you stand the test?

Primary elemental spirits are Wind and Sea.

Misa of Transformation
The Magnificent Chavín Culture of the Central Andes.

Up the ascending stairway to the gallery of the Lanzón, the immortal metaphor of the ancient Chavin entheogenic religion, at the oldest and most sacred shamanic shrine in the Americas ... the Mother of all mesas ... the ancient 3,200 year-old Huachuma temple of Universal Consciousness at Chavín de Huántar.

Where the greatest shamans of all time transformed the ancient Andean world through positive creative influence and shared sacred communion with countless pilgrims who came from far and wide ...

The Chavín Misa is the supreme moment for the true follower of the shamanic path.  It is an opportunity for dynamic positive and lasting change in one's life ... If not here, where?  If not now, when?

Primary elemental spirits are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth element ... Consciousness, converging in perfect harmony.

Mesa of Creativity
Witnessing Natural Creative Forces
in the Cordillera Blanca of the Central Andes.

Realizing dynamic union of the Spirits of Nature and Cosmos within and all around us ... in the 6,000,000 year-old Cordillera Blanca of the central Andes,  the highest tropical peaks in the world ...

Realizing our spiritual immortality and collective Oneness with all Creation.
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water ... Animism fully animated.  .

Union of Earth and Cosmos.  Everything all at once.  We Are One.

"where Heaven and Earth Unite ..."

In our ceremonies, the Mesa becomes an Axis Mundi, a mystical portal of connection with universal healing energy, infinite wisdom, and immortal knowledge of The Source ...

The Extraordinary
Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage From Time
Pilgrimage Calendar
January, April, July, and September
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MESA OF CREATION ... PACHAMAMA ... Natural Creative Forces in the Andes. The Mesa of Creation and Eternal Life at "Heaven's Gate"... in
The original Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage From Time will foster a deep understanding of the roots of Andean civilization and the extraordinarily enlightened shamanic world view which evolved there, as well as the deeper aspects of our own being and our relationship with Spirit in this day and time.

It is a deeply personal multi-dimensional shamanic mesa initiation guided by the mind and cosmology of ancient cultures which flourished in millennia past and which still today fascinate and inspire the heart and mind of the spiritual seeker and cosmic vagabond.

Are you ready for a supreme shamanic spiritual experience that will change your life forever?  If so, let us hear from you.


Comments from some initiates of the Chavín Mesa

From those who've gone before ...
alumni references available on request

Ancient Shamanic Knowledge
The Mesas of the Three Shamanic Worlds
in the Amazon

Mother of the Air
Lower World, Birth, Beginnings, Soul, Wisdom, Life, Water

Mother of the Forest
Middle World, Strength, Growth, Corporeal Life, Earth

Mother of the Waters
Upper World, Spirit ascending, Soul Flight, Air

of Mesa Works in the Amazon

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Solstice Ayahuasca Odyssey
extraordinary shamanic revivals celebrating the magic and power
of the great Amazonian medicine plants and their masters
with optional extension highlighted by an illuminating Huachuma (San Pedro) Serpent Mesa work in the Chavín style
amidst the verdant splendor of the Peruvian Amazon.
"a magnificent catalyst for clarity and healing"

Ayahuasca Odyssey ~ introduction

Ayahuasca Odyssey ~ agenda and accommodations

Ayahuasca Odyssey ~ cost and terms

 The Odyssey is a shamanic reunion of the first order.  Group size is limited.  Reserve your space now.

"Ayahuasca Odyssey is a superb way to celebrate New Beginnings with personal rebirth and transformation, journeys within journeys
guided by true maestro curanderos, shamanic healers and teachers of experience, skill, and integrity"

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