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Safely Guided Intimate Encounters with Sacred Plant Teachers, Healers, and Allies of Peruvian Antiquity

Huachuma (San Pedro) Mesada Ceremonies masterfully guided by maestro huachumero Don Howard Choque Chinchay

at the extraordinary SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary Ceremonial Retreat Center in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon“A place where kindred spirits meet …”

The mystical Stardeck of the Lanzón overlooking the Rio Momón at SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary

The Three Shamanic Worlds of the Peruvian Amazon

Upper World
Huayramama ~ Mother Spirit of the Air
Spiritual Ascension

Middle World
Sachamama ~ Mother Spirit of the Earth
Spiritual Realization

Lower World
Yacumama ~ MotherSpirit of the Water
Spiritual Birthing

Celebrating the Grand Mesada where Chavin began
~ Realizing the Union of Earth and Cosmos amidst the vibrant organic energy of the Amazon ~


This unique experiential shamanic retreat progressively advances the initiate through three profoundly instructional huachuma mesada ceremonial experiences integrating ancient shamanic technology of healing and consciousness with the powers of nature and cosmos.
Through coordinated interactivity and multidimensional experience, we attain deeper understanding of ourselves and contemplate the future of mankind and life on Earth, and our role in it.

The Amazon … Where Chavín began.

Principles and Practice of the prototypic Chavín Huachuma Mesa.

The Amazonian-Andean-Coastal energetic continuum of ancient Peru. Plant intelligence and sentient beings … teachers, healers, guides, and allies

Reconciling opposing forces and achieving harmony in and beyond one’s being

Shamanic spirituality in harmony with nature … the art of making the connection

Shared concepts in Amazonian, Andean, and Mesoamerican shamanic cosmology

Classical shamanic journeying, trance induction, drumming, soul flight, and healing techniques

Concepts and practices of brujeria and curanderismo in ancient and contemporary Peruvian shamanism

The history, ceremonial context, and cosmology of Huachuma, the great teacher healer spirit plant of ancient Andean and coastal Perú.

SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary experiential healing and transformation retreats are superbly enriching personal growth experiences that will change your life for the better.

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Superbly conducted shamanic sacred plant retreats dedicated to holistic healing and higher consciousness
“A truly extraordinary healing and transformative experience”

Experience the Spirit and Spirits of Ancient Perú
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