Choque Chinchay Journeys
Peruvian SpiritQuest
The Extraordinary
Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage
Through Time

Exploring the land, mind, 
world view and shamanic cosmology
of the Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche
and Chavín cultures of ancient Perú

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"A healing and transformative journey through time and space, exploring incredible places of great metaphysical power revered by three remarkable pre-Inca cultures of Peru ... the Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche, and Chavín.
This is the ORIGINAL Huachuma Journey Through Time ...

Though imitation is a form of flattery, plagiarism is simply theft of intellectual property and reflects a lack of integrity and inspired creativity.
Don't be deceived by unscrupulous "shamanic travel agents" who are offering a pale imitation of our program
and mesa site itinerary which has served intrepid pilgrims in the ancient benevolent Chavin style since 1999 ...

First Itinerary
10 days/nights

A magical core shamanic journey through Time and Space, exploring the land, world view, and shamanic cosmology  of the pre-Incan Lambayeque, Mochica, and Chavín cultures ...

with four stunning and incredibly revealing Huachuma mesa works in the original Chavin tradition at the ancient Lambayeque and Mochica ceremonial pyramids on the northern coast, the supreme Jaguar Mesa work at the "mother" of all mesas - the amazing Chavín temple of the jaguar at Chavín de Huántar.

Participation is limited to twelve pilgrims of warm and stout heart, adventurous spirit, and sharing tolerant nature.

The Huachuma Journey Through Time is demanding on many levels and reserved for the serious seeker of powerful core shamanic experience.  It  is a highly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for those inspired to improve and spiritually enrich their lives.  Careful screening is therefore applied to assure compatibility with our healing work, personal preparedness for the extraordinarily powerful mesa experiences, and sincerity of motive.

Day 1:  We'll arrive in Chiclayo from Lima in the early evening.  We'll dine in a nice Chiclayo restaurant before traveling by private combi van to Túcume where we will lodge for the first three nights.

Day 2: We will convene the deeply cleansing and revelatory Mesa of Death ... "what it is, and what it isn't" ... at the 1,200 year-old Lambayeque pyramids of Túcume.

Day3: In the morning we'll visit the fine Museo de los Tumbes Reales (Royal Tombs Museum), a beautifully presented collection of ceramics, textiles, gold, silver, turquoise and other metal works of the classic Moche period from 50-750 A.D.  with special emphasis on the royal court of the Moche ruler known as the Lord of Sipán.  This excellent museum provides a most interesting and provocative orientation for our forthcoming Moche mesa of Power.

We'll also visit the "Mercado de los Brujos" (witches' market) in Chiclayo.  Chiclayo is one of the main centers of San Pedro shamanism on the Peruvian coast. Here we'll see a most interesting array of magical and healing herbs, charms, amulets, chona staffs, swords, maracas, bells, candles, perfumes, and a plethora of religious and magical icons of contemporary San Pedro mesa shamanism. Here, hundreds of kilos of Huachuma (San Pedro) cactus is sold every day for use in local healing, divining, and magical ceremonies conducted for  many motives.  This will be our last evening in Túcume.

Day 4: Today we'll travel in our private van from Túcume to Huanchaco where we'll lodge for the evening.  Huanchaco is a lovely and quaint fishing and resort town a short distance from Trujillo.

Day 5:  We'll convene the Mesa of Sorcery near Moche ceremonial pyramids constructed around 300 A.D.  We'll spend the night in Huanchaco.

Day 6: Today we'll visit one of the Moche or Chimú huacas near Trujillo and have some free time for rest, internet contact and personal needs.  We'll depart Trujillo in the evening for our overnight bus ride to Huaraz.

Day 7: We'll have a breakfast and rest stop in Huaraz before departing by private conveyance to Chavín de Huantar. We'll relax in this lovely quiet Andean village, get acquainted with the local people and visit the nearby sulfure hot springs for a refreshing medicinal bath.  We'll spend the night in Chavín.

Day 8: We'll engage the supreme Mesa of Transformation at the 3,200 year-old Chavín Temple of the Jaguar, unquestionably the supreme shamanic shrine in the Americas.  We'll spend our second night in Chavín.

Day 9: We'll return to Huaraz in the morning with the afternoon free for shopping, dining, internet and personal activities.

Day 10:  We'll convene the Mesa of Creativity and Eternal Life at "Heaven's Gate" in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest peaks of the Peruvian Andes.

Day 14: Travel by luxury bus from Huaraz to Lima, arriving around 6:30 P.M. with time to make international flight connections.


Leader ~ Accommodations ~ Transportation
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Touch the heart of Huachuma to send us e-mail requesting registration information. We'll send you everything you need by e-mail.

You can contact Otorongo Blanco in Perú at (011-51-65) 600-178 or 600-179. Your questions and comments are welcome.

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