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This is the ORIGINAL Huachuma Journey Through Time ...
Though imitation may be a form of flattery, plagiarism of the concepts and ideas of others is simply theft, and reflects a lack of integrity and credibility.
Don't be deceived by unscrupulous "shamanic travel agents" offering a pale copy of our original uniquely inspired huachuma mesa journey initiation ...

The Extraordinary
Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage
Through Time

Exploring the land, mind, 
world view and shamanic cosmology
of the Sicán-Lambayeque, Moche
and Chavín cultures of ancient Perú

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from the ancient Lambayeque and Moche ceremonial pyramids on the northern coast ...

... climaxing at the mother of the Peruvian mesa ...
... the 3.200 year old Huachuma Temple at Chavín de Huantar ...
... the cradle of Andean civilization ...
... and at Heaven's Gate in the Cordillera Blanca..

This is the ORIGINAL Huachuma Journey Through Time ...

Though imitation is a form of flattery, plagiarism is simply theft of intellectual property and reflects a lack of integrity and inspired creativity.
Don't be deceived by unscrupulous "shamanic travel agents" who are offering a pale imitation of our program
and mesa site itinerary which has served intrepid pilgrims in the ancient benevolent Chavin style since 1999 ...

Terms and Cost

Participation in the Huachuma Mesa Journeys is carefully screened to assure
your preparedness and compatibility with our work.

This is a profound and intensely real initiation in core sacred plant shamanism.
It is not for everyone!

An application questionnaire must be submitted by e-mail to confirm your acceptance.

Contact us with a friendly personal introduction explaining why you'd like
to participate in this work.

We'll send you the application packet with detailed registration instructions
by return e-mail.

Touch the heart of Huachuma to send us an introductory e-mail requesting  information on cost, terms, and registration. 

Tell us a little about yourself and why you'd like to share in these special deep core shamanic experiences.   You can contact us in Perú by calling Otorongo Blanco at (011-51-65) 600-178 or 600-179.  Your questions and comments are welcome.

This is a journey for those prepared to encounter the powerful shamanic forces of Nature and Cosmos.  We will be guided by the Mesa, its messengers, and the powerful teachings of the grand maestro grandfather Huachuma, with whom we will commune at least four times at places of spectacular supernatural power along our path.

Because of the delicate, intense, and occasionally demanding nature of this journey, we ask that you complete our application procedure which includes confidential response to a written questionnaire and a notarized waiver of liability and acceptance of terms.  We will send these documents by e-mail or website link at your request.

This journey may at times be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging.  It includes a moderately difficult horseback ride at high altitude to the sacred lagoons of Las Huaringas on our sixteen day journey.

The Huachuma Journey Through Time is for people of good intention and attitude, in good physical and mental condition, able and willing to cooperate and contribute to positive group synergy, and prepared to undertake this powerful and unforgettable spiritual adventure in a sense of comradery and good spirit.

 Group size is limited to twelve with a minimum of six.

Due to the sensitive nature of this journey, group size is limited
to twelve pilgrims to assure travel comfort and compatible group dynamic.
However there is some flexibility depending on the people involved.
Minimum group size is six.

Application screening and dialogue is required to assure compatibility and preparation.

The cost includes all land transportation, lodging, facilitation, ceremonies and plant medicines.

NOT INCLUDED: airfare, airport taxes, tips, meals, travelers' insurance, and personal items.

We are not responsible under any circumstances for losses due to theft, accident, or any other factors beyond our control.  You accept all risk in undertaking this multidimensional shamanic journey.

Huachuma Mesa
Pilgrimage Through Time
A magical journey through Time and Space
exploring the land, world view, and shamanic cosmology of the pre-Incan Moche and Chavín cultures...

with incredibly powerful Huachuma Mesa works in the Chavín tradition

at the legendary sacred lagoons of Las Huaringas
near Huancabamba in the northern Andes (September only) ...

the ancient Lambayeque pyramids at Túcume and places of powerful Mochica sorcery
on the northern coast ...

the supreme Jaguar Mesa of Transformation  at the "mother" of all Mesas - the incredible 3,500 year old Chavín Huachuma temple at Chavín de Huántar ...

and the climactic Mesa of Heaven's Gate in the Cordillera Blanca.

Participation is limited to twelve pilgrims of warm and stout heart,
adventurous spirit, and sharing tolerant nature.

The Huachuma Journey Through Time is at times challenging on many levels and is not for everyone.

We will engage magical dimensions in time and space which may be disturbing for those
unprepared to See Truth and meet the Essence of Universal Spirit first hand.
It is highly recommended for those seriously seeking of powerful core shamanic experience
of the highest magnitude.

Application screening is required.  References available on request.

To assure lodging and transportation reservations we must receive your completed application questionnaire, notarized waiver/acceptance of terms, and non-refundable deposit of US$500 no later than 60 days prior to starting date.
Registration balance is due in our hands 35 days before starting date.

"A Shamanic Revival Celebration of Life, Healing, Renewal, and Transformation"

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