Huachuma ~ San Pedro ~ Achuma

Cactus of the Four Winds
the greatest sacred plant teacher and healer
of the Peruvian Coast and Andes

a public srvice of
Choque Chinchay Shamanic Journeys

A Tribute to don Eduardo Calderón
The late great San Pedro curandero of the northern coast of Perú

Don Eduardo contemplates his chontas and swords
which help protect his mesa from the harmful influences of others.

The renowned San Pedro curandero Eduardo Calderón revered the sacred lagoons of Las Huaringas in the northern Andes.  Here he calls the spirit of the laguna to bring healing and good luck to pilgrims who have come from afar.

Eduardo evokes the spirits of the four winds...

Eduardo's clients gaze at the powerful shamanic artes on the mesa. 

Eduardo engages in a metaphoric duel with a harmful spirit

"San Pedro has a special symbolism in curanderismo (folk healing) for a reason. San Pedro is always in tune with the powers of animals, of strong personages or beings, of serious beings, of beings that have supernatural power..." 

illustrations and text with permission from Plants of the Gods, Schultes and Hofmann, 1992

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Huachuma Mesa Initiation of the Three Worlds
in the Peruvian Amazon

Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage From Time
stunning huachuma mesa ceremonies at the greatest huacas of Peruvian antiquity
From Batán Grande on the northern coast ... the Temple of U niversal Consciousness at Chavín de Huántar
"The Most Profound Shamanic Experience in Perú"

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