commentary on the

Huachuma Mesada Pilgrimage to Universal Consciousness

from some distinguished alumni

of this estraordinary initiation

in the ancient art of the Chavin Mesada

updated June, 2012


Huachuma Pilgrimage to Universal Consciousness“A truly magical journey of discovery. revelation, and personal transformationat ancient centers of shamanic power, revisiting the greatest pre-Inca civilizationsof northern Perú … the Sicán, Moche and ChavínCalendar of Events

We hope you enjoy reading these candid comments from some of our alumni from around the world. If you would like to correspond personally with some of them before enrolling in SpiritQuest, let us know and we will forward some e-mail addresses.

Erriuc from Quebec



Don Howard,

The expression of the Divine through your conscious co-creation of SpiritQuest is a wondrous hallmark in the history of the human race on our dearest Pachamama.

The ongoing benefit being generated by each person, in every Ceremony, and on every Journey, is honored and recognized… You, Don Rober, Don Eleana, and Martin are brilliant beacons of Light, Shamans of the Highest Order, shining upon Infinity.

By the grace of Spirit, all who are called to work with the Sacred Plant Medicines of Peru, know you are privileged beyond conception. Mother Ayahuasca and Father Huachuma are Healers in the truest sense.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest Spiritual paths one can participate in in life, and SpiritQuest is a Balanced and Empowering vehicle for Healing and Transformation. It is complementary to all Wisdom Traditions that I am aware of, and provides a swift and enlightening integration of energies to usher one spiraling upwards towards Unification and Ascension.

May this be of benefit to all who read this. If I may be of service to answer any questions… All are welcome to communicate with me. Please request my email address from Don Howard.

My eternal Love, Blessings, and Gratitude are with you Hermanito Howard, now and forever.

~Jonathan Delaney~

Tucson, Ariziona

June-July, 2010



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“What a journey it was for me (Gunnar) this time. Deep healing of childhood stuff I did not even know about before. Abundance of fear, great joy and the pleasure of being more and more alive. I felt so much support in the group. You all createda sincere and grounded space. A rare space needed for me to dare to explore more of the mystery.

For me (Christina) it was also a great healing journey. It feeels as if so much old stuff has been cleared out of my system on all levels. Thank you all for the deep space of involution you were all holding. Such a beautiful and supportive group to do this journey together with. So much support to go deeper and deeper inwardly. Thank you everyone for being such a great loving person and sincere traveler on the path.

Thank you Howard, amigo, hermano y Grand Maestro Huachumero Curandero Don Choque Chinchay, for your enormus big heart and loving support on every step on the ladder. You do soooo much more than “just beeing the humble door keeper” to the mystery. Your bravery, trust in the process and immense skill makes
us full with awe, wonder and love.”

A massive dose of love from Sweden 🙂

Gunnar & Christina (September, 2009)



Hermano Howard,

I believe your Huachuma Journey Through Time has become legendary among SpiritQuest
alumni for good reason. It’s a spiritual immersion in Huachuma Mesa work of the highest order for those intent on Self-discovery and personal transformation.

My participation in this sacred shamanic pilgrimage has changed me to the core in ways I have yet to fathom. Each Mesa was a life-changing communion with the divine, a heartfelt and most humbling transpersonal journey within the journey.

I thought I’d experienced all you had in store; from the breathtaking horseback ride to the magical lagoons of Las Huaringas in the high Andes, to the challenging, off-the-charts Huachuma Mesa work at Túcume, El Brujo and Chavín de Huántar.

But, brother, you really know how to bring down the curtain. The closing Mesa of Heaven’s Gate was a transcendent, “4th dimension” taste of Heaven on Earth that I will cherish forever.

I look forward to seeing you in Iquitos real soon for the 2005 Ayahuasca Odyssey and I’m already laying in plans to attend another Huachuma Journey Through Time.

Oh mama…

Warm regards, Howard… to you and your and your caring staff.

~Dan Reynolds





Dear Howard,

As you know, I only requested to join you on the Huachuma Journey Through Time as a last minute thing. I was already a participant in the Ayahuasca Solstice Odyssey and had signed up for the Andean Huachuma Pilgrimage. Now I’m really glad it worked out that I was able to do all three journeys in a continuous sequence. There was a feeling of the whole thing gathering momentum like an epic tale, each mesa building on the last and the healing getting ever more deep for me.

Now, having completed all three journeys, I have the sensation of having undergone a shamanic initiation, spending time and achieving healing in each of the three shamanic worlds: The Lower World of the Amazon, the Middle World of the Inca and Moche cultures and the Upper World of the Chavin and Heaven’s Gate.

For me these five weeks of initiation have been the culmination of a lifetime of personal evolution, learning to be my authentic self, awakening from culturally induced self-delusion.

Having recently celebrated by fiftieth birthday this initiation feels like the most wonderful birthday present from myself to My Self.

Howard, I want to thank you one more time for following the compass of your heart, for finding the path that leads to Chavin, Heaven’s Gate and beyond, for sticking to the path when things were not easy so that others, like myself, may experience heaven on earth and taste everlasting life.

I also want to thank all the staff at your Iquitos jungle retreat. Everyone contributed to make a loving, healing, joy-filled family atmosphere that greatly assisted me as I went through deep healing work, casting off a lifetime of accumulated dross and welcoming in an abundance of much needed life energy.

I can hardly wait to come back to Peru to experience more.

There’s always more……..

In gratitude

Martin Stevens

Wood sculptor, Port Townsend WA USA