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Travel Gear and Preparation
The Huachuma Mesada Pilgrimage to Chavin
The Ancient  Andean Temple of Universal Consciousness
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The Basics
valid passport
We recommend you bring four photocopies of your passport. 
A photocopy of your passport is required for check in at licensed hotels and hostals in Peru. 

If you have copies ready, you won't have to leave your passport at the desk.

U.S. dollars can be exchanged for Peruvian Soles along the way.
*We recommend you change USD$250 at the airport on arrival to have cash for meals and personal purchases. 

money belt for security

lined wind breaker jacket
(you may want to purchase a poncho after your arrival)
Day temperatures may be cool or warm, evenings are cool, so bring layered clothing
, i.e. T-shirts, long sleeve shirt, lined windbreaker,  poncho
hat and/or woolen cap

sturdy walking shoes suitable for steep, rocky terrain
(heavy hiking shoes or boots are not needed)
light shoes or sandals for casual time

five pair of socks
lightweight rain poncho

long pants for cool days and nights
shorts for warm or mild days on the coast
*Suggested:  an exercise outfit (runner's suit) with lightweight jacket and long pants
is comfortable under a variety of conditions.

personal day pack ~ lightweight towel
heavy duty ziplock plastic bags ~ wet wipes
one-liter water bottle ~ lightweight AA flashlight
camera/digital cards ~ charger/batteries

mp3 music device or smart phone

*be sure your charger works with 240 volt current.
If not you'll need a small 220v to 110v voltage converter.

high intensity sunscreen lotion
(UV radiation is very intense on the coast and at higher elevations in the Andes)

insect repellent
malaria is not a risk on the coast and in the Andes
personal toiletries

Health and Welfare
personal medications
high altitude prescription - optional*
*Note: maté de coca (coca tea) and/or chewed coca leaf are the traditional Andean remedies for altitude sickness.
 Coca is a harmless and beneficial medicinal plant
when properly used in it's whole-leaf form.
Coca leaf is legal in Perú

For detailed information about altitude sickness we recommend the
International Society for Mountain Medicine

Touch Choque Chinchay to send e-mail requesting information or application materials for our workshops, retreats and journeys into the inner realms of genuine core Peruvian sacred plant shamanism. You can also contact us by skype to 'otorongo145' or by telephone in Iquitos, Peru at (011-51-065) 22-3595. 

Choque Chinchay Journeys
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Choque Chinchay Journeys
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