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Holistic Healing and Higher Consciousness
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we are Peruvian and fully licensed in Perú

The Yacumama Mesa of the Lower World
A Celebration of the Mother of the Waters
In the Peruvian Amazon

~ The Water Mesa of the Lower World ~
~ Soul Birthing in the Verdant Womb of Mother Earth ~

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The Huachuma Yacumama Serpent Mesa
 Deep Explorations in the Lower Shamanic World
We invite you to stay with us for an optional 4-day extension featuring a magical  and transformative Huachuma (San Pedro) Serpent Mesa of the Yacumama,
 the legendary mother spirit of the Amazonian rivers, amidst the verdant splendor of the Peruvian Amazon, a magnificent catalyst for healing and new beginnings ~
~ June 23-27, 2011 ~
~ January 7-11, 2012 ~

Huachuma Mesa Initiation of the Three Worlds
 7-days at the SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary with
Three Huachuma mesa ceremonies of the Water, Earth, and Air ~
~ August 18-25, 2011 ~

The Huachuma Mesa ceremony is the perfect catalyst for good work with Ayahuasca ...
Seamlessly blending the feminine and masculine energies of the greatest sacred healing plants of Peru.
The Whole is Always Greater than the Sum of the Parts ...

The extraordinarily enlightening Huachuma (San Pedro) Serpent Mesa is conducted in the ancient Chavín style
by the accomplished maestro huachumero don Howard Lawler
amidst the earthy and verdant splendor of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

The serpent mesa will engage the healing power and profoundly organic wisdom of the Yacumama,
the great serpent mother of the Amazon waters.

The SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary is a marvelous residential ceremonial retreat center dedicated to holistic healing and higher consciousness.
It's ancient metaphysical design and sacred architecture, powerful spiritual energy, warm companionship, and intimate proximity to virgin rainforest and serpentine rivers
makes it the perfect place to heal thyself, transform your life, and commune with the spirits of nature and cosmos.

Ayahuasca Odyssey and the Huachuma Mesa works provides a superlative multi-dimensional exploration of Life, Spirit, Consciousness, Healing and Transformation
in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon with traditional shamanic healers and teachers of the highest order.
There is no better opportunity available to experience lasting personal healing and rebirth
in preparation for  the joys and challenges of life.

We will safely escort you into the spiritual world of traditional Peruvian magico-religious sacred plant shamanism.  You will realize remarkable benefits and experiences
if you come holistically prepared, as well-informed as possible, and willing to set aside conventional western paradigms for a week or two
and engage new ways of perceiving the worlds within and around you.
Our Ayahuasca Odyssey celebrations are superb experiential opportunities for spiritual and trans-cultural exploration and personal growth.
They are designed for a few special people who come with faith, good intentions, a bit of courage, and high aspirations for their lives.
We'll provide deep and safe entry into the genuine culture, natural world, and immortal spirit of the Amazon and her people.
You will become a part of a growing global community with roots in the heart of the Amazon, the womb of Mother Earth.


Join us on a true shamanic pilgrimage along the space-time continuum
of northern Perú ... guided by the grand maestro Huachuma
and maestro huachumero don Choque Chinchay of the classical Chavín mesa tradition
The Original
Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage From Time
exploring the land, mind, heart, and shamanic cosmology
of the great theocentric Sicán, Moche and Chavín civilizations ...

from the mysterious Sicán ceremonial pyramids at Túcume and Batan Grande ... 
to the powerful and stunning Moche ceremonial pyramids of El Brujo 
on the northern coast ...

and climaxing at the ancient 
Huachuma Temple of Universal Consciousness
at Chavín de Huántar, the Axis Mundi of the Andes ...
and perhaps the entire planet.

"extraordinary experiential explorations in ancient and contemporary Huachuma shamanism ... "

This is a unique potentially life-transforming opportunity for those who feel a calling
and who are seeking positive dynamic change in their lives..
It is for the serious seeker of holistic healing and higher consciousness.
Applicants must possess honest intention, high integrity, a sharing and relaxed attitude,
tolerant nature, stout heart and adventurous spirit.
The Pilgrimage From Time is not for the casual tourist.
It's not a tour, it's a pilgrimage.  Do you know the difference?


So ... if you think you're ready to walk through the portals of Time and Space
to experience the non-ordinary yet undeniable reality
of ancient Chavín shamanic cosmology ...

... if you are prepared to stand before the Mirror of unvarnished Truth ...

... without your mask ...

... if you truly wish to See. Hear, and Feel the Infinite Universe within and around you ...

... what are you waiting for?

Pilgrimage Calendar
January, April, July, and October, 2011
contact us

Due to the powerful and delicate nature of this journey,
personal screening is required for participation.

~ pilgrimage group size limited to fifteen ~ minimum group size is six ~

Alcohol consumption is abstained in the course of this pilgrimage.

Here are some comments from alumnos
about the Huachuma Mesa Pilgrimage FromTime.

The Grand Mesadas
of the Chavín Renaissance
... toward unified shamanic consciousness
in 2012

Mesa of the Serpent
Amazonian Culture  ... where Chavín began

The Mesa of the Shamanic Lower World ...the womb of the soul.   Where Chavín Consciousness begins.

Powerful healing energy of the Divine Feminine uniting with ancient grandfather wisdom of the Andes amidst the verdant organic splendor of the Amazon.

Primary elemental spirits are Water, Earth and Air..

Mesa of Death
Sicán-Lambayeque Culture of the Northern Coast

A Fire Misa at the 1,000 year-old Sicán-Lambayeque city of pyramids at Túcume, north of Chiclayo,  where contemporary San Pedro mesa practice is a strong a viable element in the Peruvian coastal culture ...

 Conquering Fear, Understanding Death ... what it is and what it isn't.

Primary elemental spirit is Fire.

Mesa of the Puma
The amazing Sicán-Lambayeque Culture of the Northern Coast

The Misa of the Shamanic Middle World.

The Misa of The Puma takes us to the magnificent Sicán ceremonial pyramids at Batán Grande,  surrounded by the powerful earth energy of the Bosque de Pomác, the Forest of the Puma.   Realizing, renewing and celebrating our relationship with Pachamama.

Realizing the spiritual world in which we live NOW.  Understanding and reconciling our human nature and gaining knowledge of our trajectory.

Primary elemental spirit is Earth..

Mesa of Power
The awe-inspiring Moche Culture of the Northern Coast

The electrifying Misa of Sorcery ...

On the beach near ancient 2,000 year-old Mochica ceremonial pyramids... a Mesa on a grande scale ... one a place of sacred human sacrifice, the other a place of sacred human procreation ... all to propitiate the awesome power of the El Niño climatic phenomenon on the northern coast of Perú...

the other an awesome metaphysical generator of powerful life-giving energy ... the two working together to create a balance of life and death on a unprecedented scale ...

Contemplating the nature of Power ... Must it always corrupt? What are the benefits and risks?  Can you stand the test?

Primary elemental spirits are Wind and Sea.

Mesa of Transformation and Unification
The Magnificent Chavín Culture of the Central Andes.

Up the ascending stairway to the gallery of the Lanzón, the immortal metaphor of the ancient Chavin entheogenic religion, at the oldest and most sacred shamanic shrine in the Americas ... the Mother of all mesas ... the ancient 3,200 year-old Huachuma temple of Universal Consciousness at Chavín de Huántar.

Where the greatest shamans of all time transformed the ancient Andean world through positive creative influence and shared sacred communion with countless pilgrims who came from far and wide ...

The Chavín Misa is the supreme moment for the true follower of the shamanic path.  It is an opportunity for dynamic positive and lasting change in one's life ... If not here, where?  If not now, when?

Primary elemental spirits are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth element ... Consciousness, converging in perfect harmony.

Mesa of Creativity
Witnessing Natural Creative Forces
in the Cordillera Blanca of the Central Andes.

Realizing dynamic union of the Spirits of Nature and Cosmos within and all around us ... in the 6,000,000 year-old Cordillera Blanca of the central Andes,  the highest tropical peaks in the world ...

Realizing our spiritual immortality and collective Oneness with all Creation.
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water ... Animism fully animated.  .

Union of Earth and Cosmos.  Everything all at once.  We Are One.

Axis Mundi
"where Heaven and Earth Unite ..."

The authentic Mesa becomes an Axis Mundi,
a mystical portal of connection with universal healing energy,
infinite wisdom, and immortal knowledge from The Source ...

Realizing our spiritual immortality and collective Oneness with all Creation.
Earth and Cosmos.  Everything all at once.  For we are ONE!

Sacred writ and rhetoric tells us about it ... and many believe on faith...
But The Mesa imparts direct and personal experience, showing us beyond a doubt ...
... so we'll Know.

Every maestro has a maestro, and all are at your service ...

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