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The Maestros 
of the Chavín Mesa

Don Choque Chinchay

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The Human Founders of Andean Civilization

The Chavin Mesa is conducted very differently from most contemporary San Pedro mesadas.  Today, much contemporary San Pedro mesa work in Perú focuses more on changing luck, love magic, attaining money and material success, or witchcraft.   Pure mesa curanderos are actually hard to find, and far more mesa practitioners openly boast of their magical powers, ability to change one's luck, prowess in love magic, attaining wealth, and gratification of various human vices and desires.  Many claim special powers because of  pacts with the devil.  They apparently serve a steady clientele in dmeand of their services.  Almost no San Pedro mesa work is done  for the purpose of opening spirutal consciousness per se.  This of course varies among practitioners, but many are proprietary of their knowledge and skills and do not wish to convey their inner knowledge to others.  This is in some ways understandable since this knowledge can be used for negative or harmful purposes as well as for benevolent ones.

The potency of the remedio (San Pedro drink)  used by most San Pedreros from the coast to Huancabamba is actually very weak and intended only to heighten suggestibility in the client so that the maestro can evoke some degree of control fo the client's perceptions and senses.  A high degree of quasi-religious theatrics and "psycho-pomp" may be employed to re-inforce the mystical authority of the maestro.   Of course not all maestros perform in this way, but the practice has become so synchretic and modifed in comtemporary Peruvian culture from the original old mesa modality that their is now only limited resemblance.

The contemporary San Pedro mesa practice is syncretically-derived from the original pre-colombian huachuma mesa.   Having evolved under the influece of Spanish catholicism for the past 500 years, It is sufficiently distinctive in paternalistic metaphoric interpretation and post-colonial European influence to be considered a separate magico-mystical art form entirely.   The San Pedro mesa modality is very interesting in itself and their are many honorable and well-intentioned practitioners.  We hold in respect and honor all maestros and maestras who practice the mesa for the healing and benefit of humanity and the earth.  Still, there's nothing on earth like the original "old-time religion" of the ancient coast and Andes , the grand huachuma mesa of Peruvian antiquity.


At the Chavín Mesa, all the energy is benevolently focused on the cleansing, holistic healing and well-being of all present and non-present.   By opening the vision of those present all  may learn to see what the maestro Sees.   This was the secret of Chavin Consciousness which transformed the ancient Andean world and became the cradle of Andean civilizaation.  TheChavin maestros  revealed the great universal truths  to the masses through their spectacular Seven Mesa Initiation at the sacred temple of consciousness ... the more who knew the better they believed.  And that was the genius behind their success.  They opened the doors of perception for a thousand years to legions of ancient pilgrims from far and wide to experience pure spiritual communion and enlightenment at Chavin de Huantar .

Surely given the sheer scope of their positive influence and obvious impecable integrity in their service to humanity of their time, the Chavin have earned our  eternal gratitude and admiration as  the greatest shamans in the history of humankind.

The Chavin brought healing not only to the individual but also to the entire human culture of west'central South America over a grand millennium from 1,200 B.C. to the turn of the second millennium.

Contrary to some poorly reasoned and even rediculous archeological theories of power and authority based at Chavín de Huantar, The Chavin influence was was instead rooted in the respect and admiration they earned through impeccable intention for the good of all, their commitment to service, and most of all for the incredible mass expansion of human consciousness achieved through their consummate mastery of the Huachuma Mesa and the Villca gift of the knowledge of Death.  They were masters of metaphor, the universal language beyond language, which communicated beyond the boundaries of the hundreds of languages spoken by pilgrims to the temple.  Their gift of dramatic portrayal of metaphor is evident throughout their incrediblely cryptic yet universally'communicative art.  Once one learns to See the sacred code written in stone, Chavin art clearly ranks among the most poignant, powerful and perfectly true sacred writ in the history of mankind.  .

The Chavín Mesa is INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE.  No one is excluded who comes to it with sincerity and good intentions for themselves and others.

There is no illusion, no deception, and no secrets are held by the maestro at the Chavín Mesa.   The Chavín Mesa is all about healing, transformation, and revelation of Truth, to help everyone present to Oneness with the true Powers That Be.

The mission of Chavín over millennia is to heal and transform the world through sharing the gift of Universal Consciousness with those who seek with sincerity and integrity.  And so it continues today.

Don Howard Lawler
Maestro Huachumero Curandero
in the ancient Chavín tradition

"Have Mesa ... Wil.l Travel"

helping to heal the world 
with alot of help from his friends

The legendary Chavín Huachuma Mesa ritual reconciled all differences, achieved unity among all humanity, and
transformed the ancient Andean World ...
through sharing holistic cleansing, healing and higher consciousness with everyone who sought it ...


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