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The Chavín Mesada
The Mother of the San Pedro Mesa

A Cosmology of Universal Consciousness
from the ancient to the modern world

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the zenith of the archaic shamanic art and
 The most sophisticated high shamanism of all antiquity
The Chavin Temple is internationally recognized as a global patrimony of humanity
... and this is why!

The Chavin Mesa is conducted very differently from post-colonial and contemporary San Pedro mesadas.
Contemporary San Pedro mesa work  focuses more on changing  luck, love magic, money, envy,
and other forms of sorcery rather than pure healing and transformation of consciousness.

At the Chavín Mesa, all the energy is focused on cleansing, holistic healing
and opening the vision of those present so that they too may see what the maestro Sees.

The Chavín Mesa is inclusive, not exclusive.  There is no illusion, no deception,
and no secrets are held by the maestro at the Chavín Mesa.

The Chavín Mesa is all about healing, transformation, and revelation of Truth,
to help everyone realize Oneness with the Powers That Be.

The legendary Chavín Huachuma Mesa ritual reconciled cultural conflict,
the masses achieving unity and transforming the ancient Andean World
into a near utopian society sustained for over a millennium before Christ...
by sharing holistic healing and higher consciousness
with all who came with positive intention and an open heart ...

Don Choque Chinchay
Maestro de Maestros 

Have Mesa Will Travel

helping to heal the world
through higher consciousness
one kindred spirit at a time ... 

Celebrate the Grand Misa Chavin ...
For The Good of All

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