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Health and Wellness

for travelers to the Peruvian Amazon

From the CDC Travel Page

Division of Quarantine, National Center for Infectious Diseases

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.

updated July 29, 2002

This information is provided as a public service, and especially for those considering El Tigre Journeys in Perú. Although these precautions and recommendations should be taken seriously, actual risk of illness from participation in our personal growth and educational travel programs is extremely low. Make reasonable preparations but do not be overly alarmed about contracting serious illness while in Perú.

We provide bottled purified drinking water during your entire stay. All food is washed and prepared using purified water. Our food is prepared in a sanitary manner from fresh foodstuffs obtained daily. We take every possible measure to insure your safety, health and welfare.

Protection from traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, other insect-borne diseases, and hepatitis B are the principal concerns for short-term travelers to most areas of Perú. Our primary goal is to insure a safe, healthy, rewarding and recreational journey for you.

Tropical South America


Travelers to Tropical South America may be exposed to potential diseases from a number of sources. The most frequently reported illness is traveler’s diarrhea, but there are other diseases which are unique to Tropical South America or the tropics.

These diseases are transmitted by insects, contaminated food and water, or close contact with infected people. Specific diseases are discussed under each of these topical headings.

In order to reduce the risk of infection travelers must (1) protect themselves from insects, (2) ensure the quality of their food and drinking water, and (3) be knowledgeable about potential diseases in the region to be visited.

Finally, diseases are not restricted to cleanly defined geographical areas, i.e. mosquitoes can fly over city or country borders, therefore, all travelers should protect themselves by taking the basic preventive precautions.

Summary of Health Recommendations for Tropical South America

Travelers with El Tigre Journeys & Amazon SpiritQuest should:

(1) consider appropriate malaria prevention measures

(2) follow precautions to prevent insect bites

(3) pay attention to the quality of drinking water* and food

*El Tigre Journeys/SpiritQuest workshops utilize purified bottled water for drinking and food preparation

(4) consider precautions to prevent Hepatitis A

(5) consider booster dose of tetanus (Td)

(6) consider possible occurrence of travelers’ diarrhea

No vaccinations are required to enter Perú or visit the Peruvian Amazon

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