El Tigre Journeys and International BioPark Foundation, Inc.
with the indigenous Yahua and Muruy indigenous communities near Iquitos, Perú

Coalition ofAmazonian
Indigenous Communities

Cultural Preservation and Quality of Life Initiatives

Our extensive contacts with indigenous peoples living close to traditional lifestyle have revealed that the best ways to

support their well-being, self-determination and cultural preservation is through adequate basic and preventive health care,

improved nutritional diversity, and development of community-owned and operated sustainable projects

compatible with shared contemporary goals of rainforest conservation.

We assist in the development of community, economic, and cultural projects only at the invitation of the people

and impose absolutely no control or regulation of these projects once in their hands.
Our goal is to assist the Yahua and Muruy Huitoto communities near Iquitos to strengthen their cultural base, improve their fundamental quality of life, and help build a sustainable economic foundation which is ecologically and culturally compatible with the increasing challenges of the 21st century.

The Yahua and Muruy Huitoto people identify strongly with their tribal heritage even though much of their old oral traditional history and spiritual beliefs have been lost or diluted by mestizo (people of mixed ancestry) and western influences. Nevertheless, most seem not to want to be completely assimilated into the surrounding mestizo culture. AICC initiatives help them find alternatives to the ever-increasing pressures of the surrounding mestizo culture.

Most desire to live as closely as possible to their cultural roots and traditions in nature without missing the positive benefits of clean technology such as solar energy, purified water systems, disease prevention and treatment, and sustained-yield production and use of natural and culturally-familiar rainforest resources.

We are not “missionaries.” We do not wish to impose our religious, social andcultural views and standards on the native people. To the contrary, we support their self-determination, the traditional indigenous world view, human rights, tribal sovereignty, and the survival of cultural values and ancient traditions. We wish to help empower the people to heal some of the negative impacts of western colonial exploitation and displacement foisted upon them by forceful and deceptive invasion of their lands. We believe strongly in the inherent right of informed self-determination for all indigenous peoples.

Meet the Yahua

Our 2005 projects aim to aid and assist the Yahua and Muruy Huitoto Indian communities near Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon.

Our goals are to:
establish and sustain adequate levels of health care and nutrition

* help preserve and restore Yahua, Bora and Muruy Huitoto cultural knowledge and traditions
* promote economic and cultural self-determination and self-sufficiency

Project Updates

donations may be tax deductible through the International BioPark Foundation, Inc.


Project completed in June, 2005

A Posta Medica (Health Clinic)

for the San Andres Bora community


Yolanda Vasquez and Andy Kalinowitsch

Barbara Lucas

Stuart Snell

David and Faye Fields

El Tigre Journeys


Project completed in January, 2004

Supply of mosquito nets along the Rio Momón

to prevent spread of malaria during the Amazon high water season.

double-size mosquito nets for every family in San Andres pueblo


Bill Bassett


A boat for the Yahua Community of Nueva Vida along the Rio Momón

a 12 meter wooden-hulled boat and new peke peke motor

purchased for the community on January 21, 2003


Barbara Lucas


Project Completed April, 2001

A village-owned and operated general store cooperative

in Comunidad San Andres Bora

managed by the Bora womens’ collective


anonymous donors

El Tigre Journeys

Project 2001-2005

Long-term children’s nutritional aid program

periodic staple rice subsidy for Yahua and Bora traditional groups

sponsored by El Tigre Journeys


Project Completed August, 2000

A community boat and peke peke motor

for the Bora and Yahua of the Río Momón


anonymous benefactors

Project completed August, 2000

Rio Momón Yahuas receive much-needed fishing nets

for sustainable subsistence fishing


Steve Johnson, XFX, Inc.

Project completed October, 2000

San Andres Bora community ‘galpón chicken farming project


Mr. Steve Johnson, XFX, Inc.

anonymous donors

El Tigre Journeys


Project completed November, 1999

San Andres Bora and Yahua free 3-day medical clinic

hosted at the elementary school in San Andres pueblo

volunteer medical services provided by


anonymous benefactors

Rachel Pritzner

El Tigre Journeys

Our philosophy and plans of action are guided by the principles of the

United Nations draft declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples

Indigenous aid and assistance projects supported by our cooperating organizations are sponsored unconditionally. We recognize their unique and valuable contribution to the Family of Mankind, even as contact with the western world increasingly influence their lives.

Donations may be sent to the International BioPark Foundation, Inc., a 501c (3) non-profit tax exempt organization based in Tucson, Arizona. Donations are guaranteed to be used only for the designated project.

Contact us if you’d like to become a part of this effort.

can you become involved?

Please review the list of project descriptions and consider providing financial support for one or more of them. These are developed with the full involvement of the people and offer pragmatic yet far-sighted opportunities to realize the combined goals of cultural preservation, economic development, sustainable and harmonious natural resource management, and improved quality of life for these indigenous people.

You can help the indigenous people by donating medical supplies (non-prescription medications, topical antiseptics and antibiotics, bandages, first aid materials, etc.), non-perishable foodstuffs, vitamins and other nutritional aids, and through subsidization of needed medical diagnosis and treatment.

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