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Choque Chinchay Journeys

Shamanic Retreats and
Pilgrimages in Perú


Ayahuasca SpiritQuest


Listening To
The Plants

“A superlative opportunity
to encounter authentic Peruvian shamanism at it’s core

expertly facilitated by Choque
Chinchay Journeys
since 1995

licensed in Perú



are maestro curanderos of the first order,

dedicated to the healing of the Earth and all humanity

by helping others attain deep personal cleansing, holistic healing,

rebirth of the soul, and attainment of higher consciousness.Our
intention and mission is to be a dynamic and viable positive influence

in the collective healing of all humanity and the Earth.

One human spirit at a time.

We’re serious about it and would expect you to be also.

SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants healing retreats are distinguished
by our mature, professional and competent style, deep knowledge and many
decades of experience in the principles and practice of the shamanic arts,
impeccable integrity, responsible care for your safety and well-being at
all times, and sincere passion for healing and transformation of consciousness
as the central focus of our work.

have conducted sacred plant healing and initiation retreats in Peru for
over 15 years . Our two elder maestros represent over 80 years’ combined
experience in the traditional archaic shamanic arts.

focus and motive is to facilitate deep holistic healing, powerful spiritual
realization, dynamic personal empowerment, and enduring positive life transformation.
We are genuine masters of the sacred medicines and our invitation is to
those experiencing a calling to it.

this doesn’t come automatically just by drinking Ayahuasca. There’s
deep soul work involved, and you have to do your part to receive the fullest
blessings of this medicine.

work with Ayahuasca requires a work ethic. It is not easy.
In fact, for most it is the most challenging thing they’ve every done.
It is a succinct distllation of the human experience … ALL OF IT …
collective and personal … the agony and ecstacy and everything in between.
The rewards and blessings for those who stay the course and pass the personal
tests are enormous indeed.

must bring to it sincere focus and intention, commitment, perseverence,
concentration, will, courage, faith, and love and compassion for oneself
and others. One should understand that the medicine will not
resolve our issues and needs solely by itself . Instead it teaches
us how to take charge of our own lives with the help of omnipresent spiritual
consciousness within and all around us.

and trusted guidance, compassionate support, and ethical insightful counsel
is a tremendous asset in moving through the challenging phases of this
work. Trust and security are also essential elements which contribute
to quick immersion in this delicate holistic work.

sacred plant shamanism is a spiritually-centered personal growth process
in which the medicines and maestros teach us how to make and sustain the
deep spiritual connections ourselves. Any time we want. The
methods and technology we use are very old, proven over millennia.
and they produce predictably positive results.

practice and teach real old-fashioned core Peruvian shamanism in it’s most
powerful and noblest traditional modalities.

conduct our work from a base of extensive personal and applied experience
measured in decades of serious shamanic practice, not just a few months
or a few years.

shamanic faculty manifests over 80 years combined experience in diligent
practice of the shamanic healing arts. We have safely and masterfully
conducted sacred plant initiations and advanced holistic shamanic healing
work here in Perú for many hundreds of people since 1995.
We are “maestros ancianos” and not new to the art and technology of core

retreats are not merely an opportunity to drink Ayahuasca as many others
do, without focus, experienced guidance, and cultivated intention.
Such approach is not only amateurish and irresponsible, but can be dangerous
as well. It certainly does not demonstrate a true knowledge and mastery
of the medicine nor does it reflect a genuine commitment to realization
of positive and enduring benefits from the medicine. The maestros
know that with Ayahuasca, it’s not all in the cup by a long shot.

we provide seriously motivated individuals the opportunity to WORK with
the medicine under the guidance and tutelage of seasoned practitioners
in a properly structured and focused traditional way. At SpiritQuest Sanctuary
you will work directly with the maestros and not apprentices. We
provide guidance, compassionate support and wizened counsel every
step of the way.

work is not “New Age” shamanism. We are instead “Archaic Age” and are not
“inventing” anything. Instead we bring forward ancient shamanic knowledge
and technology refined thousands of years ago into this day and time when
it is needed more than ever before in the history of humanity.

work is good old-fashioned core traditional healing shamanism conducted
at the highest level of the art. Our work is not merely “experience-oriented.”
All the medicine is not in the experiences alone. Instead, in the
true spirit of shamanism, our work is primarily results-oriented.

CARE whether you realize your personal intentions and goals for
this work. We are DEDICATED to helping you achieve that which you
seek, and we will
with you to those ends. We are servants

to the medicine and to those who seek it’s healing and enlightening power.

to contemporary misconception, Ayahuasca is NOT a drug and this is evident
for many reasons. It is a true holistic medicine and that is the sole context
in which we work. Work with Ayahuasca can at times be very difficult and
challenging. This shifts as one is harmonized, cleansed, healed, and transformed.
A new life awaits those who stay the course, and it’s where you wind up
from this work that really matters most. We know where this can go
if done properly, and we’ll help you get there.

the benefit of all, applicants for our retreats and pilgrimages are carefully
screened. We reserve the right to decline any application without prejudice
if we feel we are not a good match or if you have health or medication
issues which might jeopardize your safety. Your safety and personal welfare
is our highest responsibility. We wish to optimize this work for those
attending and an important aspect of that process is good group synergy.
Therefore we are selective (but not elitist) in whom we accept for our
works. No one is excluded from participation in our work because of their
gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual preference, or health status
(providing it does not present a risk to the participant).

for participation in our shamanic works is not guaranteed until applications
have been approved. Our workshops are intensive and one must be well prepared
with honest intentions to realize the fullest possible benefits.

activities and programs are conducted in accordance with the laws and statutes
of the jurisdictions in which they occur.

hold in great esteem the traditional vegetalista curanderos (native plant
healers) of the Peruvian Amazon, their vast knowledge of medicinal plants
and spirit plant healing, and their profoundly-rooted shamanic spiritual
beliefs. We expect the same respectful attitude of our fellow travelers.
Our work is fully participatory and totally immersive. Be prepared
for something
really personal and really special!

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