Ayahuasca Odyssey


A Shamanic Revival Celebration of Life, Spirit, Healing, and Renewal in the Peruvian Amazon

honoring traditional shamanic Ayahuasca healing practices
and timeless wisdom from the great teacher-healer plants of Peruvian antiquity.
“Realizing deep holistic cleansing, healing,
transformation of consciousness …
and a fresh new beginning for your life!”


facilitated by Don Choque Chinchay since 1995
the longest continually running organized ayahuasca retreat program
in the Peruvian Amazon
licensed in Perú

The Original Ayahuasca Odyssey

Shamanic revival celebrations of life, spirit, healing, transformation and renewal
Medicine for the times with the old maestros!

The Ayahuasca Odyssey is a professionally conducted shamanic experiential retreat dedicated to holistic healing and higher consciousness. The Odyssey will introduce you to the shamanic practices, natural environment, unique and diverse indigenous cultures, and people of the Peruvian Amazon within a safe, mature, responsible, and sensitive intellectual and spiritual framework.

The Ayahuasca Odyssey celebration is an unforgettable opportunity for shared multi-dimensional experiences, deep personal reflection and holistic cleansing to prepare you for the challenges of the 21st century in one of the most spiritually powerful places on Earth.

You will become fully immersed in the authentic grassroots shamanic culture, guided by truly gifted traditional Amazonian curanderos, shamanic healers dedicated to preservation of this ancient knowledge and betterment of humanity with it. These unique experiences will enable a deeper understanding of self, Spirit, and the unique plant healing practices for which the upper Amazon is renowned.

Your perspectives on life, death, nature, plants, wildlife, people, culture, medicine, healing, Spirit, the spirit world, and their intrinsic interrelationship will be enriched and expanded by the knowledge, wisdom, and sage practices shared with us by our gifted shamans.


More about the Ayahuasca Odyssey

“a shamanic revival celebration of joy, challenge, healing, rebirth and Life
amidst the verdant splendor of the Peruvian Amazon”

Ayahuasca Odyssey is a holistic transcultural and multidimensional experience designed to
cleanse, heal and stimulate your mind, body, and spirit.It is a wonderful opportunity for personal, intellectual, and spiritual discovery
as well as cultural exploration.
You will be challenged by tests of will and courage…
…if you choose to follow the ancient shamanic path.
You may confront and conquer your greatest fears.
You may be visited by great beauty and understanding.
You may feel reborn and rejuvenated.
You may discover new mission and purpose in your life.
You will make new friends and discover new dimensions within yourself.
You will be empowered.
And you will never be quite the same again!

SpiritQuest shamanic retreats are professionally facilitated intensive courses in traditional Peruvian sacred plant shamanism intended to heal and enhance your personal life experience and help define your contribution to the emerging collective consciousness.   We have conducted these shamanic healing and instructional programs in Peru since 1995, much longer than any others in this area.

Our work is dedicated in service to holistic healing and higher consciousness.   We practice authentic archaic Peruvian sacred plant shamanism.  We don’t do ‘tours’ and we are not engaged in ‘psychedelic tourism’, a pejorative concept in conflict with the purpose and principles of authentic curanderismo (shamanic healing).  Serious work with the sacred plants is not a casual recreational pursuit.  It is not a ‘drug’ experience.   It is difficult and challenging holistic work requiring serious preparation and intention leading to dramatic positive benefits in ones’ life.  Our work is not about ‘experience’ alone, it is about results.  If you are a tourist just looking for a novel vacation experience, a drug trip, or ‘adventure’ tourism, look somewhere else.  That’s not what we do.

We practice genuine traditional archaic shamanism through the timeless lens of Amazonian-Andean cosmology. We employ ancient sacred plant technology originating thousands of years ago, dedicated to the highest principles of shamanism which are holistic healing and evolution of consciousness.  It is not about ‘power’… it is instead about healing, clarity, strength, transformation, unification, and service, a serious yet joyous undertaking from which can come great personal discovery, healing, rejuvenation, new knowledge, and renewed vigor for life.  If that resonates with your intention, then perhaps we are a good match.

Personal commitment and some sacrifice is necessary to produce the most positive results.  Serious advance preparation and a special restricted diet are required for safety and fullest benefit. We will assist in all aspects of your pre-journey orientation and preparation.

Ayahuasca Odyssey is a golden opportunity for those wishing to safely and expediently connect with experienced authentic practitioners of traditional Peruvian shamanism in a positive framework of personal growth, learning, and holistic renewal.

We safely and confidently escort you past the insecurities and risks of  such a spiritual quest without experienced and trusted guidance.  Our shamanic faculty is among the most experienced anywhere, with a total of 130 years of experience among our four maestro curanderos.

We are your bridge into the deeper realms of Amazonian shamanic culture. We are richly experienced in the facilitation, assimilation and integration of these experiences and provide sensitive and wise  personal support, counsel and guidance you desire before, during, and after Ayahuasca Odyssey.

Don Rober Acho Jarama, a truly extraordinary maestro banco ayahuasquero, is a marvelously gifted native healer of integrity, positive intentions, and rich knowledge of ancient jungle medicine with over 59 years of experience in traditional shamanic plant spirit healing.

He is a consummate shamanic ceremonialist who will leave you in awe after each ceremony. He is ably assisted in ceremony and all his healing work by his wife and curandera dona Eliana, and his son don Carlos, a third generation vegetalista. You will find them to be wonderful, humble, and truly gifted human beings wholly dedicated to holistic healing in the purest Amazon shamanic tradition.

Don Rober is a true master of the legendary jungle medicine Ayahuasca, a genuine banco ayahuasquero (one accomplished at the highest level of the Amazonian shamanic art), who will help you find deep cleansing, healing, transformation and personal empowerment if you come prepared with courage, integrity, faith, and good intentions.

Shamanic practices experienced in Ayahuasca Odyssey are safely conducted in the original time-honored traditions of the Peruvian Amazon without modification for western participation.

Ayahuasca Odyssey is an intense, highly focused experiential growth process which, though not entirely easy, can impart a new meaning, depth and purpose for one’s life which many people seek today.

Ayahuasca Odyssey is a genuine and powerful transcultural spiritual experience. Each workshop component is designed to help you experience the oneness of Humanity, Nature and Spirit in a dynamic and personal way, thus initiating a lasting and positive transformational process in your life.

You will have the opportuniry to transcend the barriers of time and space to comprehend the ancient origins of Amazonian shamanic beliefs, practices, and sources of personal empowerment.

The processes of cleansing, catharsis and spiritual instruction are often challenging and can be briefly uncomfortable.

The purge is an integral aspect of the Ayahuasca cleansing process.  It is a rite of holistic purification with lasting benefits far outweighing any temporary discomforts. You will have compassionate support and assistance as needed to assist you in this process.

The desired personal benefits will be profoundly influenced by your positive state of mind, heart and spirit in entering your work with the shamans, the spirits, and the Medicine.

You will have the opportunity to discover your personal power and the wisdom to use it to its greatest positive potential.

We find great satisfaction in facilitating these experiences for people who come with sincere heart, a little courage, a bit of faith, an open mind, and positive intentions. We share with you what we practice ourselves and we know these paths very well.

We pledge our full effort to successful realization of your personal goals in undertaking these journeys within journeys. It is our mission and our responsibility.

You will join a warm and caring shamanic family here. You will thoroughly enjoy your stay with us. Though you will return to your home, you will not be forgotten, and you will not forget us either.

During your Ayahuasca Odyssey, you will experience universal love, the most powerful of forces, manifesting in the magnificent life energy of Amazonian nature and her people.

Ayahuasca Odyssey is a very special opportunity for those seeking genuine expertly-facilitated real-life Amazonian shamanic experiences in a comfortable private natural setting, nicely removed from the commercial tourist atmosphere.

Ayahuasca Odyssey is an extraordinary journey which will enlighten, cleanse, heal and prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling life yet to come. It could well be the best investment in yourself you’ve ever made.

The processes undertaken requires serious advance preparation for fullest benefit. Some aspects of these processes may be temporarily physically and emotionally difficult. We have decades of experience in the administration of these processes and will nurture your passage through them with sensitivity and competence.

We will assist in all aspects of your journey preparations and provide all the follow-up guidance and counseling you desire.

For the benefit of all, applicants are screened to determine personal goals and fitness for this experience. We reserve the right to respectfully decline any application without prejudice. Notarized waiver of liability and acceptance of risk and all written terms is a requirement of registration.

Retreat activities and programs are conducted in accordance with the laws and statutes of the jurisdictions in which they occur.

We greatly respect the Loretano people of the Peruvian Amazon, their rich and varied cultures, and their profoundly-rooted spiritual beliefs. We believe they have much to teach us if we’ll listen. We therefore require the same respectful attitude from our fellow travelers.

SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary Healing and Spiritual Center

~ An Overview ~

The Eden-like spiritually-inspired SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary is located on the Río Momón, a secondary tributary of the Río Amazonas about an hour outside Iquitos, Peru. Accessible only by boat, The Sanctuary is an extraordinary rainforest ceremonial retreat center dedicated exclusively to holistic healing and evolution of higher consciousness. The SSS is the perfect place to encounter deep healing and spiritual realization through communion with the sacred plants and impeccable human company in intimate contact with nature. The centrally-located temple maloca in which our ceremonies are conducted is of pyramidal design with a circular base, incorporating metaphysical geometry which is itself conducive to states of higher consciousness.

The Sanctuary features comfortable guest accommodations with spacious screened rooms, private bathrooms, convenient shower access, in-room electricity for lighting and charging your devices, free wi fi internet access, excellent organic all-you-can-eat meals, an extensive topical reference library, and warm and friendly family-style guest services. Though standard accommodation is double occupancy, single rooms are often available at no added cost on a first-registered basis.

SpiritQuest Sanctuary stewards a beautiful 250-acre privately-endowed rainforest nature reserve teeming with rich plant and wildlife diversity. The BioPark Nature Reserve is a perpetual contribution to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.  An extensive trail network is maintained for guided and casual walks through the verdant splendor of old-growth rainforest. Everything at SpiritQuest Sanctuary is integrated with nature, and so shall you be as well.

Activities vary according to weather conditions and time of year. In addition to hiking trails, swimming, and other casual activities, we have canoes available for outings on the beautiful Rio Momón at our front door.

Enrollment is limited to people of good intent and compatible nature for these very special ‘New Beginnings’ celebrations.
More About Our Philosophy and Work …

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SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary

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Touch the jaguar to request further information and application materials for SpiritQuest shamanic retreats in the Peruvian Amazon. Your questions or comments are welcome.

You can contact us by Skype to ‘otorongo145′ or by telephone in Iquitos, Peru at (011-51-065) 22-47-69.

Special opportunities
following each Ayahuasca Odyssey

Huachuma Mesa Initiation of the Three Shamanic Worlds
(7 days with 3 Huachuma Mesada ceremonies, a singado purification and clarity ritual, and a Vilca ceremony celebrating Life, Death, and Rebirth)


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