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Ayahuasca’s Transformative Power


Otorongo Blanco

Exactly what transpires when one drinks Ayahuasca is an enigma to many. Studies investigating its history and use often fail to explain the remarkably transformative processes it initiates. Ayahuasca’s various effects progress through cathartic, abreactive and spiritual stages. Experience of universal time is an important element in this process. Each experience carries one beyond the previous ones, with revelations according to the character, qyality, and depth of previous experiences and the travelers’ level of consciousness.

Ayahuasca cannot be qualified by consistency of its effects. The psycho-spiritual centers of consciousness activated by Ayahuasca cannot be programmed, though the journey can be guided and influenced by competent shamans and facilitators. The pharmacological properties of the psychoactive compound in interaction with the biological antecedents are not enough to define the influence on the psyche. The brew always interacts with the psycho-emotional and spiritual set of each individual and the construct of the setting in which it is taken. Among these, personal attitude, purpose, personality, mood and prior experience most influence the character of the experience. The composite effect of these factors influences the nature and content of the experiential journey. External influences, especially physical environment and experienced guidance, are of utmost importance in guiding the journey.

For example, an Ayahuasca journey undertaken alone will produce a very different experience than one undertaken with a shaman who understands the nature of the inherent energy of Ayahuasca. A shaman skilled in traversing the many realms of the cosmos can guide the journey toward the places where Spirit resides, thus initiating the desired transformative process.

After drinking Ayahuasca, the first effect one notices is a distinctive shift in sensory modality. Tactile and auditory sensitivity increases and mental processes and emotions become more profound. At this point, the journey may move into many dimensions. Soul flight, the departure of the spirit from the physical body, causes a sense of floating and discorporation as one enters other dimensions of hyperspace.

“After I drank my cup of Ayahuasca, I was transported by the ethereal beauty of the icaros sung by the curanderos during the ceremony, to a dimension where I could see the whole molecular structure of the energy field of the universe. I entered a world where the inhabitants looked halfway between very fine animal shapes and creatures from outer space. They had incredible outfits, and stood on a field in the open air. The entities of darkness wore beautiful black capes and golden weapons. They had pointed hats with dark shining colored feathers, and golden and silver lace draped on them. They were all sparkling metallic and made of an energy consistence. The entities of light, of all shapes and sizes, wearing very elaborate garments, emanating light and rainbow sparkles, engaged in a battle for harmony.

“The visions of those beautiful entities started to dissipate as the journey went on, and the passages through those crystallized energies, started to open up to other landscapes. I came to a crystal-clear pale blue environment, still seen through the molecular structure and changing patterns, which often, with the movement of energy, looked like elaborated spider’s webs or elaborate mandalas that occupied the whole space as though seen through a hologram. There, I came into contact with higher levels of consciousness. The entities were beams of pure light, moving through a spectrum of crystal clear energy. The imprints from materialization were less defined there, and all the movements of energy left an echo of light and sparkling fairy dust in the air. The music was soft and I had the impression that I entered the celestial court. There was a feeling of being suspended in the air without gravity, floating in this ocean of energies, in the most diverse patterns, colors and light, experiencing the higher octave vibrations of being, totally immersed in the light, and integrated into this dimension. A shower of love nourished my heart.”

Persons experiencing Ayahuasca ceremonies typically achieve substantial mental, psychological, and spiritual progress, comparable to that accomplished through intensive long-term psychotherapy, and often in a remarkably short time.

Ayahuasca focuses and aligns the patient with the archaic essence of spirituality. It ‘resets’ our biological clock according to universal time and harmonizes our natural brain chemistry. The corresponding shift in our personal values, priorities, and self-image produces a lasting rebirth, a transformative “new beginning”. This quality is the most important and life-changing gift of the Goddess and the one most desired by many seekers.

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