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Ayahuasca SpiritQuest


Listening To The Plants

Illuminating and immersive experiential retreats dedicated to holistic healing and higher consciousness

Engaging original Lamista ayahuasca healing tradition through the portal of trans-cultural universal shamanism

amidsst the verdant splendor of the rainforests of Amazonian Perú

“A superb opportunity to safely encounter genuine Peruvian sacred plant shamanism at it’s core”

expertly facilitated by
Choque Chinchay Journeys
since 1995


licensed and legal in Perú


Ayahuasca SpiritQuest retreats include …

(we reserve the prerogative to modify the agenda if dictated by circumstances)

comfortable 3* lodging with electricity
Standard retreat lodging is double-occupancy
A few single rooms are sometimes available but cannot be guaranteed
excellent all-you-can-eat organic dieta meals
wi fi internet access
highly skilled and experienced transcultural facilitation and guidance
shamanic tuition, instruction, and plant materials
personal shamanic diagnoses and consultations

sacred mapacho tobacco ceremony
masterfully conducted Ayahuasca cleansing and healing ceremonies
sensitive aid and assistance during the ceremonies
healing and sealing shamanic flower baths (baños de flores) after each ceremony
facilitated group sharing circles following each Ayahuasca ceremony
a Bobinsana heart-opening dream ceremony
guided river and rainforest explorations
local land and water transportation



*single lodging is usually available at no added cost

**taxi to airport from boat port at the end of the retreat is not included

The heart and soul of Ayahuasca SpiritQuest is the opportunity to seriously engage the legendary holistic spirit medicine of the Amazon called Ayahuasca, , conducted by the renowned maestro banco ayahuasquero, Don Rober Acho Jarama, an extraordinary vegetalista curandero of the Lamista lineage.

Don Rober is ably assisted by his wife Dona Eliana Acho and Don Howard Lawler, also maestros and curanderos of decades’ experience in the sacred plant technology of holistic healing and higher consciousness. Together they form a cofraternity of elder maestros with over a century of combined shamanic experience and characterized by warm hearts, professional competence, and impeccable integrity.

Don Rober is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive healer, characterized by his unbridled devotion to the ancient jungle healing arts, a deep knowledge of traditional plant medicine, and a sense of service to humanity through his connection with the healing spirits of the Earth, Water and Heavens. He radiates positive healing energy and uncomplicated wisdom which communicates directly to the heart and soul of everyone who knows him.

Don Rober ws initiated in Ayahuasca as a young boy of 11 years old and has continually refined his mastery and knowledge the art of Ayahuasca curanderismo for over 45 years. Don Rober’s intuitive gifts and perceptual insight is complimented by his genuine, humble and unassuming manner.

The universal harmony and positive healing energy inherent in our work is extraordinary and felt by everyone present.

You will have opportunities for private consultation and personalized healing during and/or between the ayahuasca ceremonies.

We will conducdt four ayahuasca healing ceremonies and a heart-opening bobinsana ceremony during our 8-day Ayahuasca SpiritQuest retreats. Four ceremonies are more than enough to ‘fill one’s cup to overflowing’ through the processes of cleansing, surrender, healing, and rejuvenation. The minimum ceremonies needed per cycle of work with Ayahuasca is three. The maximum number of ceremonies one should undertake in a cycle is 5 ceremonies in ten days. Every true maestro knows that once one is ‘filled’ with the medicine, there is not benefit to taking more, and it may in fact do harm. Ayahuasca is a potent and rigoerous holistic prescription medicine. One needs adequate rest and time for integration between each ceremony, and a more extended hiatus between cycles of intensive work. Otherwise one may become infatuated with the ‘experience’ and fail to apply it’s teachings and meaning to their life experience. Ayahuasca is a ‘teacher’ and ‘healer’ when respected, but like all beings, has two sides.

In the presence of ayahuasca for “Medicine Power” and chacruna, oco yage and huambisa for “Light”, we convene in ceremony with don Rober, doña Eliana, don Howard and invited healing spirits presiding. A lovely blend of icaros, the curandero’s spirit healing chants and songs, will guide our journey as we venture beyond the ordinary together.

The morning after each ceremony, you will be awakened and refreshed by an invigorating fragrant flower bath administered by don Rober and doña Eliana in the classic shamanic style with tobacco blessing and personal icaro.

We’ll be inspired and stimulated by professionally facilitated group ‘talking stick’ discussions the days after our ceremonies, sharing our intentions, experiences, visions, and impressions from preceding evenings. We’ll lend shamanic interpretation to your recollections, which will grow clearer as you progress through the initiation, cleansing, healing and integrative processes. .

Stimulating and cleansing hot steam jungle saunas “saumedas” using aromatic jungle plants may be administered as treatment for certain conditions as prescribed by the curanderos.

We will visit with our Yahua and Bora indigenous neighbors, sharing traditional dance and trading for their beautiful handicraft made entirely from natural rainforest resources. These people still live a traditional lifestyle although change is rapidly encroaching. You will find their friendly charm unforgettable.

We’ll travel down the great Amazon River to visit with our indigenous Muruy Huitoto friends. We’ll walk through their beautiful “terra firme” old-growth rainforest to the invigorating waters of the “quebrada encantada” (“enchanted stream”) where, during the low water months from August to December, we will enjoy a refreshing natural waterfall ‘jacuzzi’ and healing medicinal clay baths.

In the Peruvian Amazon, ancient mystical relationships with nature still thrive among those dedicated to the Ayahuasca culture. The SpiritQuest Natural Reserve is a prime area of old-growth rainforest where you will experience a rich diversity of plant and animal life. True shamans are not only teachers and healers but also perennial seekers of natural and ancient knowledge and guardians of the natural treasures of the earth.

Counseling, guidance, and language interpretation are provided for personal consultations.

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The SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary is the finest shamanic ceremonial retreat center in the Peruvian Amazon, surrounded by rich old-growth rainforest along the Río Momón. Here you will be immersed in the genuine cultural lifestyle of the Peruvian Amazon. You’ll quickly feel at home here like a member of our family.

Our facilities offer a superbly immersive natural ambience, amazing local natural and cultural diversity, friendly, trustworthy and competent staff, and outstanding organic food prepared in a wholesome and sanitary manner by excellent Amazonian chefs.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily and you can eat all you want. The meal preceding each ceremony is light and easily digested. Food is washed and prepared using bottled purified drinking water to prevent food-related illness.

SpiritQuest Sanctuary is fully licensed by the Peruvian ministries of health, sanitation, tourism, and aquatic transport for food, lodging and boat services.

You will sleep comfortably in spacious screened double-occupancy residential quarters connected by covered walkways to the central ceremonial and dining malocas. Single lodging is available in most months.

Guest quarters have private tiled bathrooms with flushing toilet and sink, and solar/generator electricity for lighting and charging devices.

Free Wi Fi internet access is available for those who bring their laptops.

Central shower facilities (some are solar heated) are conveniently located near the guest quarters.

You’ll rest well here, basking in serene tranquility by day and in unforgettable jungle symphony and shamanic icaro concert by night.

Vegetarian diets are deliciously accommodated. Please advise us in advance of your special diet needs and we’ll do our best to find the foods you prefer, subject to availability. Fresh fruit and fruit drinks (refrescos), and other organic snacks are available between meals.

Vegetable staples include yuca (aka manioc; cassava), chonta (heart of palm), platanos (plaintains), quinoa, rice, and a variety of vegetables and fruits, some of which are unique to the Amazon.

Grilled fish wrapped in leaf (patarashka) is the main protein staple served daily during the retreat. Among the tasty native fishes served are paiche, an enormous ancient fish relished in the region, and tucunaré, the peacock bass.

NOTE: Only smaller and bonier fishes such as boca chica and palometa are consumed in the strict vegetalista diet. The choice is yours.

Though the more liberal diet is not as rigid and rigorous as that required of shamanic apprentices, it meets the requirements for safe and successful work with Ayahuasca to optimize the processes of purification, healing, and personal transformation.

The Amazonian vegetalista diet is not a vegetarian diet per se since fish is included. Of course, the vegetarian can pass on the fish. Specific content of the vegetalista diet varies throughout the Amazon depending on the maestro and purpose of the diet.


Dietary preparation is required before, during, and after partaking of Ayahuasca. The traditional vegetalista dieta cleanses and clears the senses and heighten one’s sensitivity to the more subtle consciousness of the spirit plant medicines.

Consumption of salt, refined sugar, saturated oils, fats, red meat, and spices should be reduced or suspended entirely at least three days before the first ceremony and continuing for one to two days following the final ceremony. Additional short-term dietary restrictions are recommended as an added safety measure to avoid potential complications from temporary monoamine oxidase inhibition.

Be sure to read SpiritQuest preparations for the Ayahuasca experience.

See Medical precautions and warnings regarding monoamine oxidase inhibitor for more important information.

Abstinence from pork is strongly recommended from two weeks prior to work with Ayahuasca until two weeks afterwards.

Abstinence from sexual orgasm is prescribed for three days prior and after work with Ayahuasca. Many people find their libido and sexual energy pleasantly enhanced upon breaking this aspect of the diet.

The Strict

Apprentice Dieta

The strict vegetalista dieta is very bland with no salt, sugar, oil, or spices, consisting of certain types of small grilled or boiled fish, boiled eggs, boiled yuca (manioc), quinoa, rice, plantains. and heart of palm. Initiates are instructed not to bathe with soap or shampoo or brush their teeth during the dieta. Isolation and sexual segregation is also prescribed.

This diet is difficult to keep for an extended period of time even by the native people here, and initial diets of 7, 10 and 14 days are recommended starting points. Some elder maestros claim to have kept strictly to this diet for three years or more!

A true plant dieta is silent solo retreat conducted in strict isolation from all social and intellectually-stimulating activities. The ‘dietador’ should have no engaging conversation with anyone except the guiding maestros from the beginning to the end of the dieta. This also includes reading, writing, and in the purest form, listening to recorded music as well.

The purpose of the dieta is the purify the whole system and open the senses to the energy and spirit of nature and specifically the plant one is dieting. This can only be achieved through the consciousness of the heart and not of the mind. The ego must be balanced and humble with strength, courage and love as your allies.

The more varied and nutritious initiate dieta is recommended for initiates with Ayahuasca, but the choice is yours.

The strict diet is undertaken at specific times for specific purposes and no one, not even the shamans, keeps to it all the time.

NOT INCLUDED: airfare, bottled drinks (abstinence from alcohol is required during all our work), restaurant meals in Iquitos, personal item , traveler’s insurance (recommended but not required), personal services such as laundry, tips and honoraria. Airport tax (US$5 domestic and $29 international airport departure tax) is not included in the airfare and must be paid in cash at the airport before departure.

Tips and honoraria for local Peruvian staff and faculty are appropriate based on your personal means and satisfaction with their services.

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