Choque Chinchay Journeys
Peruvian Shamanic SpiritQuest
Mystical Healing Retreats and Pilgrimages 
with Ayahuasca and Huachuma

dedicated to 
Holistic Healing and Higher Consciousness
masterfully conducted by don Choque Chinchay since 1995

advanced archaic shamanism
for the seeker of holistic healing and spiritual evolution
with the ancient  healer teacher plants of Perú

Our Superb Keystone Shamanic Healing and Initiation Programs
From the Amazon to the north Coast and central Andes of Perú

Ayahuasca SpiritQuest
Listening To The Plants
Illuminating monthly healing and consciousness retreats
exploring genuine traditional Ayahuasca Shamanism
At the extraordinary 
SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary
Ceremonial Retreat Center
in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest
old-fashioned sacred plant shamanism
at it's highest levels
The Ayahuasca SpiritQuest Experience

Calendar of Events

SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary
About Us
SpiritQuest Healing Ceremonies
The Banco Maestro Curanderos
Shamanic Preparation and Cleansing
Ayahuasca Transformation
Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca
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Ayahuasca and Cancer
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Calendar of Events

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Ayahuasca Odyssey
extraordinary ten-day shamanic revival celebrations
of life, death, rebirth, healing, transformation, and new beginnings
with superlative huachuma mesa extension opportunities
June, August, and January 

Ayahuasca Odyssey ~ introduction

Ayahuasca Odyssey ~ agenda

SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary

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"Ayahuasca Odyssey is a superb opportunity for  personal healing, spiritual renewal, and dynamic transformation
guided by true maestro curanderos (master shamanic healers)
of knowledge, skill, and integrity with over 90 years'
combined experience in the shamanic arts."

Huachuma SpiritQuest
Supreme Huachuma Mesada Initiations
conducted by the distinguished Chavin huachumero don Howard Choque Chinchay

First Level
Huachuma Initiation
Ancient Shamanic Knowledge

Huachuma Mesada
Initiation of the Three ShamanicWorlds
in the Amazon

The Water Mesada of the Lower World ~ The Earth Mesada of the Middle World ~The Air Mesada of the Upper World
Soul Birthing in the Verdant Womb of Mother Earth ~ Reaffirming your Union with Earth and Cosmos

Second Level
Huachuma Initiation

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The Original
Huachuma Mesada Pilgrimage
to Universal Consciousness 
from the northern coast to the central Andes in Perú

exploring the land, mind, heart, and shamanic cosmology
of the great theocentric Sicán, Moche and Chavín civilizations ...

from the mysterious Sicán ceremonial pyramids at Túcume or Batan Grande ... 
to the powerful and stunning Moche ceremonial pyramids of El Brujo
on the northern coast of Peru...

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and climaxing at the legendary ancient temple of universal consciousness at Chavín de Huántar ...
the Axis Mundi of the Andes and one of the greatest sacred shrines on Earth.

~ group size usually limited to fifteen ~ minimum group size is six ~

Due to the powerful and delicate nature of this journey,
personal screening is required for participation.
Alcohol consumption is strictly abstained on this pilgrimage.

Here are some words from alumnos
about the Huachuma Mesada Pilgrimage .

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You can contact don Choque Chinchay by Skype to 'otorongo145' or by telephone to Iquitos, Perú at (011-51-065)22-3595. Be sure to mention SpiritQuest in your message and leave your e-mail address. 

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