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What is Ethnobotany?
“…understanding the science and philosophy of ethnobotany…”More about ethnobotany
“…examining the influence of plants on human cultures…”

Tour the Amazon Art Gallery
from the Usko-Ayar Art School”devoted to the rescue and preservation of the knowledge and the traditions of the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon.”

…understanding the shamanic path
“…a doorway to the spirit world around us…”
The Ayahuasca Home Page
…an excellent reference site from the United Kingdom…
“…reflecting the growing global interest in ayahuasca
and traditional South American shamanism…”
Visit Yagé.net
for comprehensive contemporary information
on the magical medicine of the Amazon…
Disembodied Eyes…On Ayahuasca, Huachuma
and other plant teacher/healers…
This insightfully-designed website is an internet classic with a wealth of information about the incredible visionary vine of the Amazon.

spiritual use of entheogens, shamanism
and ayahuasca lore…
“rediscovering the roots of human spirituality…”
Entheogen Review Online
Now in its tenth year of publication, The Entheogen Review is a quarterly journal that serves as a clearinghouse for current data about the use of visionary plants and drugs.
Excellent information and perspective on the shamanic ally Teonanácatl, the sacred mushroom, can be found at Stains Blue
“… an outstanding and creative website blending competent ethnomycology, delightfully original entheo-art, and respectful shamanic understanding of the sacred mushrooms in the Psilocybe tribe.”
More about Teonanácatl
…its magico-religious history in pre-columbian
Mesoamerica and South America.
An An excellent website about Chavin by renowned Chavin scholar
Luis Lumbreras at
~ Helpers, Guides and Allies ~ ~ The Serpent’s Lair ~
~ Not Without Risk ~ ~ Wachuma’s Wave ~
~ Spirit Gathering ~ Shaman’s Heart ~
Extraordinary contemporary shamanic journeying music
by Byron Metcalf and friends.

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