Huachuma Mesada – Agenda

The central focus of ASK is three extraordinarily enlightening and deeply healing Huachuma (San Pedro) Serpent Mesa ceremonial works in the ancient Chavín style conducted by the maestro huachumero Don Choque Chinchay amidst the earthly natural power and verdant splendor of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

The three serpent mesas will engage the healing power and profoundly organic teachings of the great elemental mother spirits of the Amazon …Huayramama … Air (Upper World)
Sachamama … Earth (Middle World)
Yacumama … Water (Lower World)

You will gain new insight in the cultural history, socio-spiritual influences, healing applications, and dynamically transformative nature of traditional shamanic teacher-healer-ally plants of ancient Perú.

We will convene three transcultural Serpent Mesa works in the ancient Chavin style, a deeply profound and transformative communion with the spirits of Nature and Cosmos guided and instructed by the grand maestro Huachumán, the ancient shamanic healer-teacher plant of coastal and Andean Perú, assisted by the Chavin maestro huachumero don Choque Chinchay.

The Serpent Mesa will open your eyes to great truth and clarity through realization of the subtle dimensions omnipresent in the natural realities in which we live.

Facilitated study and work with the Huachuma Mesa provides an opportunity for intellectual and spiritual enlightenment, personal healing and empowerment, and experiential understanding of the belief systems and shamanic cosmology of ancient peoples of Perú. Advance intellectual, mental, spiritual and physical preparation is required.

Some of the principles of core shamanism we address …

Concepts of shamanic spirituality in nature and the cosmos Refining one’s personal relationship with the Powers that Be.
Classical shamanic journeying, soul flight, trance induction with rhythm (drumming, maracas, schacapa), and healing techniques
The Art of Soplando ~ Blowing away evil and negative energy
The Art of Chupando ~ Sucking illness, evil and harm from a patient
Attaining personal power songs and tarjos
Trance visualization of illness, cause, and treatment
Shamanic divination and precognition
Accepting Death as a doorway to new Life
Embracing Rebirth as new Opportunity
Realization and wise use of personal shamanic power
Avoiding the perils of power, it’s abuses, and it’s consequences
Guiding the personal shamanic journey
Soul retrieval
Drumming, breathwork, and trance rhythm as a means to shamanic ecstacy
Talking stick discussion circles about Amazonian-Andean shamanic cosmology and it’s relevance to 2008 and beyond.

NOTE: ASK is a powerful and sometimes intense incursion in pure old-fashioned core sacred plant shamanism. It is not for everyone. Participation is subject to application screening for motive, attitude, health and medication issues which might affect the safety or wisdom of such activities. We conduct this work in a serious, respectful, and reverent manner. We would expect you to reflect this same attitude. Submission of a written questionnaire and notarized waiver of liability and acceptance of terms is required for acceptance. You assume all responsibility, risk and liability of your participation,

We reserve the right to decline acceptance at our discretion on the basis of motive, attitude, safety concerns, holistic fitness, or other human welfare considerations without prejudice.

Our shamanic experiential retreats are among the best available, combining 40 years of applied experience and knowledge with impeccable integrity and commitment to your safety and positive holistic benefit.

Combined with Ayahuasca SpiritQuest, ASK provides a full two weeks (14 days/14 nights) of dynamic multi-dimensional exploration of Life, Spirit, Consciousness, Healing and Transformation in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon with traditional shamanic spirit plants of South America.

The synergy between these ancient holistic shamanic medicines is powerful and transformative. It has been called “The Holy Grail of Chavin”. And indeed it is. The Whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. There is no better opportunity available anywhere for this kind of work.

Spiritness, Clarity, Truth, Healing, and Inner Peace can be realized through the profound healing and instruction of the Huachuma Mesa. You need only bring noble intention, an open heart, a willingness to set aside judgement of yourself and others, and a sincere desire to experience the Divine.

We will safely escort you into the spiritual world of traditional Peruvian magico-religious sacred plant shamanism. You will realize remarkable benefits and experiences if you come holistically prepared, as well-informed as possible, and willing to set aside conventional western paradygms for a week or two and engage new ways of perceiving the worlds within and around you.

The Extraordinary SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary
ceremonial retreat center in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon
The Eden-like spiritually-inspired SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary is located on the Río Momón, a secondary tributary of the Río Amazonas about an hour outside Iquitos, Peru. Accessible only by boat, The Sanctuary is an extraordinary rainforest ceremonial retreat center dedicated exclusively to holistic healing and evolution of higher consciousness.

The SSS is the perfect place to encounter deep healing and spiritual realization through communion with the sacred plants and impeccable human company in intimate contact with nature. The centrally-located temple maloca in which our ceremonies are conducted is of pyramidal design with a circular base, incorporating metaphysical geometry which is itself conducive to states of higher consciousness.

The Sanctuary features comfortable guest accommodations with spacious screened rooms, private bathrooms, convenient shower access, in-room electricity for lighting and charging your devices, free wi fi internet access, excellent organic meals, an extensive topical reference library, and friendly family-style guest services. Though standard accommodation is double occupancy, single rooms are usually available at no added cost.

SpiritQuest Sanctuary stewards a beautiful 250-acre privately-endowed rainforest nature reserve teeming with rich plant and wildlife diversity. The SpiritQuest Nature Reserve is a perpetual contribution to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. An extensive trail network is maintained for guided and casual walks through the verdant splendor of old-growth rainforest.

Everything at SpiritQuest Sanctuary is integrated with nature, and so shall you be as well. Activities vary according to weather conditions and time of year. In addition to hiking trails, swimming, and other casual activities, we have a small fleet of canoes available at any time for outings on the beautiful Rio Momón at our front door.

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