Don Rober


Don Rober Acho Jarama Maestro Banco Ayahuasquero


Don Rober is a genuine Lamista banco ayahuasquero. He is a natural maestro (master, teacher) and native taught, whose knowledge has been passed down through generations of Amazon jungle healers. Don Rober possesses an extraordinary knowledge of the Amazon’s healing plants and how to use them safely and properly.

Don Rober is a genuine curandero of great skill and quiet power who conducts his work in deep concentration and without deception. His gift of intuitive plant knowledge and charismatic healing energy is deeply heart-warming. His consummate ceremonial skills and amazing icaros move the energy and guide our metaphysical and visionary journeys as few can, to realize deep healing and profound realization of who we are and where we are going in our lives.

the term .’banco’ refers to curandero specializing in the Ayahuasca medicine who has mastered the fine art of Ayahuasca shamanism at the highest level. Don Rober is a true ‘banco’ among few living in this day and time. His father and grandfather were both bancos, and don Rober began his apprenticeship with them at age eleven. His maestros were indeed “maestros de maestros” in the most literal sense. His apprenticeship lasted for seven years and at the age of eighteen began his lifelong service to humanity as a maestro ayahuasquero.


Don Rober is aided by his wife Doña Eliana, also a dedicated curandera, and Don Howard with whom he has worked exclusively over the past decade. You will find them to be wonderful, humble, and truly gifted human beings wholly dedicated to healing in the pure Amazon shamanic tradition of curanderismo.

Don Rober was the principal maestro and native consultant for Dr. Stephan Beyer featured in his excellent recently published book entitled “Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon”.